Using 3D Renders to Build a Real Estate and Property Development Website That Converts

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Using 3D Renders to Build a Real Estate and Property Development Website That Converts

What’s the goal of your business website? Whether it’s to drive sales, generate leads, or build reputation, a business website needs to be well-designed and relevant in order to achieve its goals and rise above the competition. The website must be designed to please your reader and create a positive perception about your services. According to Donald Norman, professor emeritus of cognitive science and psychology and co-founder of Nielsen Norman Group, attractive things work better. People naturally associate beauty with better quality.

For an architecture, interior design, or real estate website, a great way to boost aesthetic appeal is by adding photo-realistic 3D renders to your site. You can win more clients by showcasing your work through compelling 3D architectural rendering.

Here are tips on how you can use 3D renders to build a website that converts:

1. Design an impressive homepage using 3D renders.

It is often said that first impressions last. If you want to create a positive and lasting first impression about your company, make sure that you have a brilliantly designed homepage. Being the main entry point of your website, the homepage is the first thing that potential clients usually see when they search for your online or type in your URL on web browsers. The homepage should have one core message telling visitors what your business is all about. It also should contain a call to action. Create visual impact with architectural 3D renderings. These beautiful images can be used to support and illustrate your message. Use them in slide shows, flash presentations, banners, or as the central image of your website. You can also give your clients a virtual tour on your homepage by including an architectural animation.

2. Support each listing with 3D renders.

Homebuyers are highly visual clients. When looking for a new house, clients would definitely like to see how it looks like so there is no excuse for you not to include images in your website. Even if a house is still incomplete and under construction, you can support each listing with 3D architectural renders. The advantage of using these three-dimensional images is you can manipulate settings, colors, textures, and other details to highlight the best features of the property. Because they’re photo-realistic, high-quality 3D renderings are often indistinguishable from the real photo.

3. Make it easy for them to locate the type of home they want using architectural 3D renders.

The fastest way to find a new home is by doing an online search. Homebuyers search for homes online because it’s easy. You have the images plus the details you need to narrow down the search. Make it more convenient for clients to find their dream home by segregating the houses according to their styles or types. You can use 3D renders to show various home styles. The stunning 3D architectural renderings of cottages, tree houses, villas are bound to get more clicks as these look more inviting and attractive than just displaying plain words that visitors can’t visualize.

4. Complete the look and feel of your website with 3D renders.

When building a website, it’s important to establish your company’s brand and identity to gain trust. Simply putting your contact information on the website won’t work. You need to establish your credibility through consistency and professionalism. A well-designed site conveys professionalism. You also have to be consistent with your message, and that includes ensuring that the look and feel of your website is consistent across all pages. All the elements of the website from colors to the types of font used must adhere to your brand identity. You can use 3D renders to complete and complement your website’s overall design. The lighting, colors, and mood of a house can be changed to match your website’s theme.

To view samples of 3D architectural renders used in real estate websites, visit Power Rendering’s gallery.

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