Using 3D Rendering for Visual Marketing Campaigns

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Using 3D Rendering for Visual Marketing Campaigns

There is no doubt about it: marketing is all about optics. Today, people respond to what they see. But it’s not just about posters or print ads anymore, with technology, content and design is king. However, the way it’s viewed matters, too.

According to an article published in Entrepreneur, stats compiled by MDG Advertising shows that about 14 percent more views can be received by press releases put out by companies if they include images and 60 percent of consumers are more likely to contact a company when an image appears in local search results. Surely, visual marketing is changing the game when it comes to grabbing people’s attention.

What does this mean for professionals in the architecture and interior design industry who have been using images to market their services from the very beginning? This means you need to find a way to stand out. Gone are the days of presenting 2D CAD plans, photos, or sketches to clients. This is the best time to take advantage of the latest technology when it comes to design presentation, including 3D rendering, architectural animation, 3D walk-through, and holograms.

Getting Started with Visual Marketing

How to get started with visual marketing? Here are some quick tips:

1. Storytelling is still the name of the game.

Make no mistake about it, stories still rule and this is still driven by making top-quality content. Social media, videos, websites – these are all tools and avenues.

Keep your audience in mind. What would they want to know about you? What benefit will they get from reading your content or looking at your 3D renders?

While images are especially important for architects and interior designers, it will help you stand out if you actually describe the elements inside your 3D renders. Let your readers know the inspiration behind the project. Explain why a certain design works, that way you are also educating the person viewing the images. You can then end with the outcome of the project plus the feedback of your past client.

2. Have a plan.

Like developing a marketing plan, visual marketing is the same way. Having a simple calendar for Facebook or Instagram is a great way to effectively plot your posts. Observe the best days and times that your posts get viewed. An infographic from Quick Sprout suggests that Facebook post engagement peaks on Thursday and Friday. For Instagram, the best day is on Monday, during off-hours.

3. Don’t stop with simple photos and copy.

The biggest mistake marketers make is simply focusing on pictures and copy to appear visual. There are in fact a lot more ways to employ to do so.

Infographics is a rising star in creating content and has a better impact on audiences. According to, there is about 94 percent more views if there is a compelling visual placed in front of an audience. And what’s great about infographics is that it achieves all of the requirements of a great visual: easy to digest content, great colors, and easily shareable format.

Videos are also a good execution for visual marketing. There’s about 2 million YouTube videos uploaded everyday; companies that produce commercials can have more bang for their buck by using YouTube as a way to reach people as less are now more inclined to watch television.


Real estate companies or design firms can make use of 3D designs to be placed on their websites and social media pages to better communicate what they do. 3D renders give more life and better reference for potential clients versus simple blueprints that not all may understand and appreciate.

4. Set a budget.

Great visual content does not come for free. There is a need for companies to invest in people to be able to pull off several executions. The best content is still ones that were done right and done well. For your 3D renders, it is always best to have a professional 3D rendering company do it to ensure high-quality results. This is because the quality of your photos can make or break your brand and result in poor sales.

Having people with a deep understanding of what clients want and why they ingest content is a formidable strategy in winning visual marketing – the kind that brings in more business and more success.

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