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Today, there is a rise in people going for staycations in hotels. With airfare getting more expensive and more hotels being built in nearby places for people to enjoy a quick and refreshing vacation on the weekends, designers should focus on pitching renovation and update work for hotel clients. Not only is it very lucrative, it also helps the client be more in tune with the times and of course, deal with competition head on as demand for great hotels.

Of course, it would totally be impossible to refurbish and renovate a whole hotel in one fell swoop. But much like renovating a house, the first thing to focus on is the aesthetics of what a potential buyer will see. If for a residential house it’s the exteriors (lawn, door, windows) and the foyer, for a hotel, it’s their lobby.

Here are some ways to sell that renovation idea to clients for their lobbies:

1. Wow with art.

Art always provides a certain air of exclusivity for clients, especially the VIP ones. Great art speaks of privacy, of premium service, and history even before they reach the counter. But instead of hanging on the walls some boring paintings, make art come to life with different finishes. Commission an artist to do an installation for example, which can be found behind the main counters or on the walls as they enter the hotel. In fact, it can even go as far as the doors.

You can also have a florist do a more creative set up instead of the usual extravagantly big flowers on a big pot kind of thing that can be seen in most hotels.

2. Embrace the industrial and modern look.

If you are targeting the younger but upscale kind of travelers in the hotel, the usual marble tops and tiles may not fly with their more eclectic sensibilities. Instead, go for the industrial unfinished look with more steel, glass, some dark wood finishes, and even darker tiles and then make it come alive with strategically placed lights.

This makes the place more modern, more in the zone of these young VIPs who are looking for a place to stay but represents who they are, and better yet, makes the lobby even easier to clean and maintain. Present it with the use of 3D architectural rendering services to help your client imagine what it may look like.

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3. Install some tablets

Although it is important still to have people answering the calls and manning customer relations, travelers nowadays are increasingly more independent of face to face interactions thanks to modern technology.

To answer to this current trend which may be the norm in a few more years anyway, place some tablets wherein the guests can key in their preferred rooms and get the keys on the spot. They can pay using these tablets by swiping their cards and be on their way to a room in no time minus the queueing.

This kind of set up will be much appreciated by the Airbnb generation and will surely add more dollars to your client’s pocket – all because of one added service design right at their lobby.

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