Three Ways to Maximize Your Design’s Visibility

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Three Ways to Maximize Your Design’s Visibility

Get the word out on your great business by increasing the ways and means with which potential clients can see them. Even if you have a well-curated portfolio, it does not matter if people do not get to really appreciate them on a regular basis and in avenues that comes naturally to them.

If you are a newbie in the field of public relations, you’re in luck as there are many ways to go about this process without the usual budget demands or challenging means to make it happen. Here are some ways to make your work get known and stand out once and for all:

1. Plan your content

Most people, designers included, that having a Facebook page or an Instagram account is enough for their names to be known or their work on the door. Far from it! Being active in social media takes more strategy and even more creativity.

Designers have it good as visually they have the advantage already however, if it’s not done deliberately, it just would not fly. Start off with a content calendar. To make it easier and more fun, create themes per day. For example, interior designers with a niche on classic designs can have Throwback Thursdays with a twist by featuring old Victorian furniture or accents during the war as posts. On the other hand, those who focus on minimalist designs can go as far as featuring books on the subject every Monday, sort of a way to begin the week. Quotable quotes from famous designers can make for good content too.

Hashtags are amazing and the more personalized they are, the better. Think of pun, think of catchy, think of simple and yet out of the box when it comes to hashtags and use it always until it sticks.

2. Get yourself in front of the camera

If you want people to hire you, place your portfolio online, usually through your website. But if you want people to both hire and always pay you the big bucks, then thought leadership is the way to go.

Video tutorials are golden and having a YouTube account is a surefire way to get your stats going. Start with simple ways to help spruce up a space and then proceed to showing how to make a mood board then proceed to more highly specialized ones for interior design professionals.

The best way to maximize this kind of investment (you will surely hire professionals to produce the videos) is to be ready with your work in case a client comes calling. Presentation materials including 3D rendering of your work should always be ready.

3D Rendering of a Vacation House

3D Rendering of a Vacation House

Being a guest blogger in famous online publications is also a perfect way to showcase your expertise. It’s a very suave and indirect way of letting people know about your business and helps in your SEO.

3. Reach out to local media

Getting your work featured on the newspaper or on local TV shows exponentially grows your business. It reaches more people and the replays are endless. Remember, the value of a feature is almost as equal as a commercial, without people feeling the need to change the channel.

Get out and reach out to the media – they will definitely bring those sketches and 3D rendering right to those who are more than willing to pay for them.

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