Three Tips for Real Estate Sales Professionals When Dealing With High End Clients

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Three Tips for Real Estate Sales Professionals When Dealing With High End Clients

When it comes to selling to the high end market, one thing is for sure: it’s a whole different ball game. These people are discerning and really know the difference when it comes to service. For them, it’s all about the experience. And why wouldn’t they demand extra when they really can afford it?

For serious real estate sales professionals, dealing with the upper market deserves a little something more than simply knowing one’s product and dressing up well. Here are some ways to make that meeting worthwhile:

1. Set the stage.

Selling to this crowd requires more than just a table at a full coffee shop at the corner. When setting a meeting, pick a place that can really impress them more than anything else. To do this, do a little bit of research. Does the person love to have some fun with a drink in tow? Why not set the meeting at a hotel or a bar that prices itself for serving the most coveted bottles of whiskey or wine. Does the person a big fan of tennis or golf? Instead of a lunch (something they probably get invited to everyday), let them relax through your invitation to a golf tournament or a morning at the clay courts.

Doing so does not just make them feel special, but also makes you look interesting, professional, in the know, and worth their time. Remember, everyone sells to these people. Stand out by establishing the relationship. Don’t sell – create the connection. Make them feel at ease with you. After all, to whom will you entrust your money more – to a seller or a friend?

2. Speak their language.

Speaking of playing to their interest, you must learn to speak their language based on the industry they are in. Finance executives are monsters when it comes to numbers so be ready to be grilled should you position the property as a great investment and addition to their portfolio. Those in the real estate business themselves are even worse as they know exactly the ways with which to sell a property.

This market is smarter than you think and give them credit for. Also, a little bit of etiquette goes a long way. Learn to read non-verbal communications. Be sensitive enough to their cues. Are they still interested? Are you being boring? Those who know how to pick up signals are the ones who will go a long way when it comes to successfully gaining their trust and their business.

3. Package it well.

Leave the PowerPoint decks at home and start raising the stakes when it comes to your presentation skills. These people do not have the time to listen to you ramble. Instead, wow them with tight visuals in the form of 3D rendering videos, which last for 3 minutes maximum and already contain all the messages you need to convey. Instead of a printed presentation in a folder, impress with a flash drive containing all the details of the whole property.

3D rendering residential

3D architectural rendering of a house on a sloping hill.

Time is of the essence for this club and the sooner you realize it, the more business you will win from this prized market space.

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