Three Tips for Designing the Jewelry Store of the Future

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Three Tips for Designing the Jewelry Store of the Future

Times may be hard, but there’s no letting up on jewelry shopping. According to theEuromonitor International, the value sales of jewelry grew by 2% last year, and is going to reach $63.3 billion. This is due to the improving confidence of consumers in the US economy.

This is the reason why design firms must take the opportunity to take advantage of this by stepping up their design game. Simply put, jewelry stores, like diamonds, are forever and people will always clamor for them.

When it comes to designing jewelry stores, careful planning fits well with creativity and fun. Raring to make a jewelry store that mixes functionality and beauty? Read up:

1. Provide opportunities for trial

Jewelry is a big investment and some people may not be used to purchasing such a big ticket item by just looking at them. At the same time, some jewelry lovers don’t really look at the specs of a piece and go solely for how it makes them look. When preparing the space, have designated areas where they can try the pieces. Make sure it has the perfect lighting that can enable customers to check how they look from several angles.

If possible, why not partner with clothing stores? This way buyers can assess better how it would look on a formal gown, a cocktail dress, or even casual wear. Jewelry is chosen based on the personal tastes and it can create a serious dent on one’s budget, so it should always be tried so the person can decide before purchase.

2. Make it easy to navigate with a good layout design

Jewelry stores are usually overwhelming. Make it unique and different by creating hubs instead of a sprawling layout. It could be based on the event the jewelry pieces would be used for such as engagements, weddings, debut parties, formals, and even everyday wear. The design can also reflect milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, and the like.

Is the wife giving birth? Have a push present station with jewelry placed on baby carriages for example. Tween child getting their very first jewelry piece? Why not create a place that looks like a school locker? New managers can also peruse pieces on brief cases. Make it creative! Jewelry is supposed to be enjoyed after all. To help you with your store layout and themes, ask your interior decorator to designer to present design options using 3D rendering.

3D rendering helps you better visualize design concepts for your jewelry store.

3. Look beyond carpets and glass panels

Generations only know one kind of jewelry store: glass ensconced diamonds, carpeted floors, harsh white lights, snobbish salespersons behind the imposing counters. In a nutshell, you only go there when it’s absolutely important.

Change this by creating an environment where the buyers can interact with the pieces and the people selling them. Have wooden floors that instantly provides a warm environment. Opt for dimmed lighting instead of white light. Have a backend that not only shows vaults, but also a working kitchen that can serve crumpets, finger sandwiches, some coffee, and champagne. Choosing the points of connection creates a good memory in the guests’ mind.

In the end, it’s all about creating a space where shopping for jewelry becomes more of an unforgettable experience. It makes for a business that’s more sustainable and sparkly.

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