Three Things to Keep in Mind When Making the Modern Office

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Three Things to Keep in Mind When Making the Modern Office

Creating the office for the 21st century has truly evolved from the usual cubicles and chairs of yore. Today, the office is where people spend almost most of their time, more so for developing countries that suffer from extreme cases of traffic. Offices are not just considered to be places of efficiency, they also have to be places that engage and spur the imagination of its people to be more innovative and creative in their problem solving.

Offices of companies are also branding materials that best represent what the company and its vision is about. Just take a look at Google’s offices. Their workstations are innovative, creative, and fun—values that are strongly related to their brand.

But how does one create a modern workplace under so many requirements and pressure placed on designers and business owners? Let us count the ways:

1. Do not be afraid of space

Most old offices are filled up to the brim, each space designed to the very little detail. However, when it comes to modern offices, space is not something to be feared but welcomed. Remember that space adds to the design and not diminishes it. Spacious work areas marked by bigger sprawling tables and bigger areas in between for walking around are welcomed. Rigidity is not the name of the game but is about layouts that let people breathe in their surroundings.

2. Do not give in to trends

It may be easy to give in to trends when it comes to modern offices. Productivity is different for different companies and industries. Does your company need the standing desks? It depends. Although it may lead to health benefits, there are still people who would rather work on a traditional chair and table and may be ineffective if forced upon a standing desk. Will the company thrive better with an open office layout? Truthfully, not necessarily true.

A cornerstone of a good modern office is not so much as what it looks like, but its reasons behind why it looks the way it does. There is science behind modern offices to help people work better and smarter. So before investing in looking like Google or Facebook’s headquarters, ask first what the office is trying to achieve and if it would really help the team.

With your design team or contractor, work with a 3D architectural rendering design of your office, using different layouts and elements. And then print it and have a quick survey as to what the employees feels and thinks they can work in efficiently.

No matter how design driven the space is, it’s still for nothing if the people are not comfortable enough to work properly in it.

3. Paint as art

Art really helps warm up an office. It provides that much needed design oomph that only a piece of art can provide. However, for the more budget constrained, designers and developers can opt for paint murals for the walls. Especially for those industries related to arts or creativity in the first place like PR, advertising, or fine arts, making use of the walls as canvas is not a bad idea.

A spacious and bright conference room

A spacious and bright conference room with the city view as the backdrop

A little bit of color goes a long way to make a modern office work.

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