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Three Selling tips for People Looking for Starter Homes

The process of buying a house for a newly married couple hoping to start a family or a fresh graduate can be quite challenging. Most of the time, these people can go both ways – they either do not know what they want out of a home or have a plethora of preferences that buying becomes virtually impossible.

But finding the right starter home gives the best feeling in the world and helping find the best space where they can thrive as parents or as people getting their first taste of independence is always one for the books for any designer or real estate agent.

Here are some ways to make that elusive sale happen:

1.     Show the house for what it could be.

For designers, encouraging a person or a couple to buy a home can also be like looking at the house for what it could be. Some houses are really just diamonds in the rough and may need some tweaks and renovations to bring out its hidden beauty. To unleash its potential, create some initial designs to show the new look of the house. With it, the potential buyer can see the good amidst the rubble. Sometimes, the value of the house is hidden and doing a design can really let them see the true amount of what they are paying for.

You can use different kinds of visual strategies to make it happen but one of the best ways to do so is through 3D architectural rendering services. With it you can explore different kinds of results from stills to 360 degree videos and architectural animation.

When it comes to selling, visuals are still king. It’s what moves a property forward. But of course, be upfront with the costs of renovation which will surely be on top of the value of the house.

2.     Explore the surroundings.

Once you have perfected the property itself, time to go to its secondary benefits like its location. What is near it? Is it accessible from the airport and the buyers are constant travelers? Does it provide an easy access to the city which the couple loves to explore and be in during weekends? Are there several means of transportation aside from car to be able to go to several places? Does the place have a great preschool where they can send their kids without hassle?

Harking on these benefits for the buyer based on their needs is a surefire way to make the decision making go even faster and easier. For sure, they would want to live in a place and in a way that suits their lifestyle. Go even as far as informing them if the place provides several activities such as sports clubs or reading clubs, weekend markets, or fund raisers. For sure, they will appreciate the fact that you are providing what the place can provide holistically.

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3.     Discuss the reselling value.

Since they will make the effort of improving the house, sometimes the best way to make the sale is discussing what they will make if they make the sale. Reselling a starter house is not a foreign concept, in fact, it’s expected. So have that talk, who knows what number may come up on the check.

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