Four Things You Need to Know If You’re Interested in 3D Rendering

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Four Things You Need to Know If You’re Interested in 3D Rendering

More and more people are getting interested to try 3D rendering. This is because the industry is highly creative and dynamic. With the right software tools, technical skills, and creativity, photorealistic 3D graphics can bring ideas to life. It is used in a wide range of industries—from architecture to manufacturing. The purpose of 3D rendering has goes beyond marketing and presentation. It’s also used for planning, research, design, and entertainment.

There is a high demand for 3D rendering artists. Here are the things that you need to know if you are considering pursuing a career in this field:

It’s more difficult than Photoshop

There is a misconception in the mind of some people that if they are good at Photoshop, learning 3D rendering should be easier. Wrong!  The fact is, 3D rendering is more difficult to learn than Photoshop. You need to learn a combination of skills plus industry-specific software programs for designing in 3D such as Autodesk 3Ds Max, Maya, V-ray and more. On top of learning these software tools, you need to equip yourself with knowledge and skills. You may need to take up drafting, graphic design, industrial design, or architecture.

It needs a high performance computer

Many enthusiastic people tried installing a 3D rendering software on their computers only to find their computer going on slow motion when the application is run.  3D software requires a lot of computer memory, a high level CPU, and a powerful processor. Ordinary computers will not do.  Anyone interested in learning 3D rendering has to consider investing on gaming computers. Gaming computers have very good graphics cards, which can handle the intensive graphic memory needs of a 3D rendering software. 

It takes a long time to study

3D rendering is one of the most complicated computer applications to use. A person may memorize some of the functions, but that doesn’t guarantee they can make good 3D graphics.  Professional 3D rendering professionals invested a lot of time, effort and money studying it. Those who have no patience will surely give up fast. The truth is many of the 3D rendering specialists right now learned it by enrolling in school. There are many tutorials available online, but they just cover the basics. Most of those who specialize in 3D architectural rendering are also architects.

You need to build your reputation and portfolio

To be successful in this field, you need to put your skills into constant practice. You also need to have an attractive portfolio to show to your clients. You need to prove that you are highly capable of creating high-quality 3D renders through your collection of work.

3D rendering interests many young professionals because of its huge graphic capacity. Those who want to become an expert in this industry must understand the challenges that come with learning it. They will need a powerful computer, time and money before they can even achieve average competence. The advantages of mastering 3D rendering skills however, fully compensate for all these difficulties. Being a 3D rendering artist is a financially satisfying job especially if the person works in a reputable company or eventually builds a firm of his own.


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