Three Marketing Tips for the Home Away from Home

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Three Marketing Tips for the Home Away from home

Nothing is as cutthroat and challenging to sell than a room at a five star hotel. With the rise of out of the box home ideas such as Room-o-rama or Airbnb, travel accommodation is not necessarily getting more expensive and also more interesting, not to mention, much easier to book.

With the millennials as the rising age bracket of travelers, they are not necessarily shacking up in hotels as their parents but are opting for these homes they can easily book using their phones as they would for their cars and taxis.

3D Interior Rendering of a Bedroom

3D Interior Rendering of a Bedroom

It is about time for hotels to rise up to the challenge. Here are some tips to get them started: 

  1. Re-think online presence.

    Every hotel has a website, a Facebook page, and a Twitter page and yet is being beaten at their own game by startups. What gives? It’s for them to really re-think the strategy that governs their online activity.

    Startups usually give a view of their business in a more lived in and not too perfect manner such as showing rooms with live elements such as humans, plants, and even animals. Many travelers seek a space that they can remind them of home or better and not a hotel room.

    Hotels can do so by including elements such as their staff smiling or a happy guest being assisted at the concierge. Instagram can give a good glimpse into events happening inside the hotel and make it more accessible to more people.

  2. Have a unique selling proposition

    To be able to compete, hotels should know the space they are competing in and how they can compete in it in terms of expertise. Questions during a strategy roundtable can be good starting points such as: What sets us apart from competition? What can we do consistently well? What do we stand for? Aside from a good bed, a buffet spread, and a pool, what else can they offer that’s better than everybody else?

    Sometimes, hotels can become too big to fail and that’s when complacency sets in. Asking these questions lead to great insights, which lead them to what they can own as a brand and base their communication platform on.

  3. Have a communication plan.

    After taking note of it, it’s time to announce it. Instead of simply going through the motions of coming up with a commercial or a billboard which most hotels are capable of doing financially, look into the communication appetites of the people they are speaking with. How do they want to be spoken to? Maybe looking at a billboard is the last thing they want to do. Instead, look at other aspects of the media landscape such as blogs, email campaigns, social media, and even physical collaterals where 3D rendering of the hotel’s design is placed for better visual reference. On the company’s website or on YouTube, post a 3D walkthrough of the hotel to highlight the best features of the place.

Add these up with great service, and the hotel is looking at real winning marketing plan with a shot at getting the right guests at the right time.

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