Skyscrapers of Today and the Past

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Skyscrapers of Today and the Past

As you walk the streets of New York and look up the sky, you will be amazed at the towering presence of the One World Trade Center and other skyscrapers. Of course, many of the tallest buildings in the world were made a few decades ago and are more edgy than old buildings. The 160-storey Burj Khalifa in Dubai is currently the tallest building in the world at 2716.5  feet.

What do we have now that architects didn’t have centuries ago that allows us to make unique and beautiful skyscrapers?

3D Rendering

In the past, architects and engineers depend fully on their blueprint to guide them in construction. Now however, architects use 3D modelling and 3D rendering services to help them visualize better what is in the blueprint.

Some 3D modeling and rendering software also allow programmers to put in a code that simulate the effect of physics on the buildings that they design. That means they can test digitally how the building would react to real world conditions and different situations, making buildings safer. This also allows them to be creative with the design.

Better machineries

Machineries matter in construction. Better machineries mean builders can do a lot more things that make constructions faster and safer. Cranes can carry more weight; faster trucks can transport materials quicker to the site and modern power tools make groundwork faster.

Better machineries also make sure that construction workers work safely and efficiently, helping reduce the construction time.

Better materials

New materials are available to construction companies now than in the past years and more stronger materials are being developed. This means that we have buildings now that can withstand the test of time and can withstand different scenarios like storms, earthquakes and many others.

The quality of human infrastructures follow the advent of technology. We may be amazed at modern buildings now, but in the future, as technology progresses further, we may be looking at a different cityscape, something that we could not imagine to today.

Just take a look at this innovative car vending machine in Singapore. In the past, vending machines were only used for selling snacks and drinks. But now a whole building can be a vending machine that sells luxury cars. These are some novel ideas that investors can better appreciate with tools like 3D rendering services.


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