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How to Sell to Upscale Condo Clients

Selling a property is one thing, but encouraging a condominium client to undergo a major design overhaul of their unit is another. Compared to homeowners of house and lots, condominium units are trickier. For one, the construction alone can be a nightmare (and it gets worse as the floor goes higher). All changes goes beyond just doing a board up as the noise control alone can mean a lot of money to ensure that no neighbor will raise hell from all the round the clock commotion.

However, remodeling a condo unit is necessary especially for those who have been in the building for more than five years or those who just purchased the unit and is looking to upgrade the overall look of the place. As a designer, here are some ways to win new clients or encourage existing ones to commit to a remodeling project:

1. Make a cost-benefit analysis

Remodeling involves a lot of resources, financially primarily, which can create a big dent on the client’s savings. To help them understand why there is a need to remodel in the first place, prepare a cost-benefit analysis. What is in store for them with the remodel? Does it increase the selling or rental price of the place should they decide to let go of it? How much are they actually losing for delaying the remodeling further? What are the soft benefits that they will enjoy (i.e. quality of life, better space for the kids, more relaxing atmosphere, more space, etc.)?

These issues will surely come up and it is best as a designer to be prepared with actual figures to make the client appreciate the idea of a costly remodel.

And once you have done an analysis, be upfront with the fees and the inclusions. This way you are not overestimating their commitment and they are not underestimating your professional fees to be able to finish the project on time.

2. Make a sample design off the bat

If you have established a long-term relationship with the client and is well-versed with their aesthetics, then preparing a design won’t hurt. With the use of a digital mood board with architecture 3D rendering, you can come up with a working idea as to what the new look will be after the remodel. Create a run through completely free of charge which will provide the client the impression of your willingness to help and a visual reference of what you can do.

3D Interior Rendering of a Living Room

3D Interior Rendering of a Living Room

It also works even if the client is new and you are still in the stage of establishing a business relationship. Impressing the client with your design is always a good idea.

3. Make their design aesthetics shine in the pitch

Every client wants to see their idea and as you create your pitch, that’s exactly what you should do: champion their aesthetics. Execute in your slides a before and after side by side, which can also be done through architecture 3D rendering. This makes them visually see what their condo space can be under your designing abilities.

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