How to Sell Your Roof Deck Designs Effectively

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Roof decks are the new garden when it comes to showcasing the exteriors of a house with more pizzazz. And as a designer, with homes getting even bigger and brighter in terms of building requirements, this is one aspect in building one’s business portfolio that they can focus on.

Here are some ways to make that presentation happen when it comes to potential clients for roof decks:

1. It is a quick but lasting fix.

Roof decks can be viewed as an extension of the house and so it would not affect the rest of the home should the renovation begin. This is one way to present it to clients who may be very happy to start with on the overall look of their homes but are still looking for a fast way to update its look somehow. You can also highlight how the roof deck renovation does not cost as much and in terms of timelines, does not require a lot of their time and will not entail so many adjustments to pull off.

2. The roof deck – the perfect party place.

Depending on the profile of the client, the roof deck can also be highlighted as the perfect party central, aside from the living room or the kitchen, as the perfect area for entertaining guests. With the right adjustments such as placing an outdoor kitchen, some outdoor furniture, and a lanai perhaps for a more green and nature-skewed feel, and of course, ample ventilation for those hot summer afternoons. This will surely put things in perspective for the client who probably just views their roof deck as a boring place, if not another area to store clutter.

3. Prepare the design with 3D renders.

Compared to renovating for example a room, roof decks are much harder to imagine. How it would look like after the renovation is not something that all clients can picture out just by looking at pegs and color wheels on an inspiration board.

The better way to do it is to go full steam ahead with a 3D rendering of the whole design. This makes the client decide faster as they can already see before them what their roof deck can look like, without the guesswork. In fact, go the extra mile by doing a 3D architectural animation instead of a just a flat output to make the design even more engaging and for the client to be even more inclined to commit to a renovation in the first place.

3D Rendering of a Roof Deck

Leave the 3D interior renders or 3D architectural animation with them and if you can, do several design renderings already to help the client compare and contrast or choose elements from several designs that they want to incorporate. Also, you can design it in such a way wherein you are presenting based on design themes, with each design theme having a name that the client can refer to as they please.

Roof decks can be such a great means to spruce up your portfolio and of course, if you do it right with the help of these tips, increase your cash flow as well.

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