3 Tips to Create the Perfect Reception Area for Offices

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3 Tips to Create the Perfect Reception Area for Offices

The perfect reception area is one of the most elusive design elements that offices are trying to nail. As the first line of sight for outsiders, the reception area of the office should reflect what the company is all about. Is it fun? Is it a serious place of work? Is it about relaxation? Is it about being able to provide solid advice to clients? The design, once the guest sees it, should reflect the answer to this question: What does this company stand for, really?

For any designer, it can be quite daunting. But reception areas are like the calling card projects for these offices. Once you perfect it, becoming the designer for the re-design and re-modelling of the whole office is not as farfetched.

Read on to take advantage of this opportunity to win big clients right at their reception areas:

 1. Get to know the business.

As mentioned, the reception area should reflect the heart and soul of the company and the best way to be able to achieve that is by getting to know the business. Is it a financial institution? If it is, what kind of branding does it adhere to? Although financial institutions are perceived as solid – a message which can be executed with the use of steel and cement, for example. But is this really the kind of branding that the firm adheres to? What if their message is all about families or catering to first entrant clients such as young millennials? Will your choice of materials be able to communicate that?

The key to success here is to a) do not assume, b) clarify your assumptions if there are any, and c) ask for guidelines. Most firms have a branding and messaging guide that you should definitely request for to help you put together your pitch.

2. Come prepared.

The first thing to remember about presenting to companies is that they have absolutely no time. And for you to win their business is to make the decision-making easy for them by presenting everything immediately. Think spoon feeding if you will. So prepare your presentation with 3D architectural renders or 3D architectural animation. If you can, be able to adjust your design real time while presenting. For example, if they tell you that they prefer a certain shade for the table, change it on the spot! This will help them see your vision and make the approval process go on smoother and faster, instead of the usual two to three days of back and forth. 3D architectural rendering services make it easy for the clients to visualize your ideas.

3. Go beyond aesthetics.

Let’s get real: reception areas are not just about how it looks but how it works. It’s a highly functional part of the office if not the most used area once it’s done. How will the flow of people affect their operations? Will your design be able to defray delays or human bottlenecks especially for those with high rise buildings?

Let your design not just speak for itself – let it show what it can do for the client.

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