How to Sell One-Bedroom Apartments

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When it comes to real estate preferences, the times have definitely changed. In the past decades, ideal homes are those with 3 or more bedrooms with a big lawn in the suburbs. In this generation however, young professionals prefer to be near the city in one-bedroom apartments. If you are aiming to sell one-bedroom homes, then young professionals may be your ideal target market. However, don’t think it would be so easy.  The young generation is also picky and they have a wide variety of choices because of the internet.  When it comes to selling real estate, you have to align what you sell with what they want.

Here are tips to sell a one-bedroom apartment:

Good location
Location is a big factor. You have to understand which locations young professionals want. Once you get the location right, it’s half the battle done. Here are some of the locations that young professionals look for:

  • Not too far away from the city
  • Near leisure amenities like bars, malls, restaurants and others
  • Good neighborhood with good income neighbors
  • Clean, well-lighted streets

House layout

While many young professionals are not very particular about the architectural style of one-bedroom apartments, they do care a lot about the interior design. Take note that young adults still maintain a lively social life and therefore would love some place to have parties, invite friends for Super Bowl viewing and night overs, so they would need a good house layout.

  • Boxy and generic floor plans are a big turn off
  • There must be storage options available
  • A balcony will a great addition to interest
  • A place for entertainment appliances like TV and sound system

3D Plan View Rendering gives your clients a view of the house layout.


Your potential buyers would love to have all the necessary comforts in their new home. That is why no matter how small the space is, there should be a bathroom, kitchen, toilet and dining area. Also, it is important to have heating and cooling in the house.

People also prefer to have good lighting, and safe water preferably with heater option. Make sure that the electric outlets are in strategically placed in the apartment.

Selling one bedroom homes is a good business as long as you know who your target buyers are and what they are looking for. Use 3D rendering architectural design services when presenting these features to your potential buyers. This will help them clearly visualize the design and features of the one-bedroom apartment.

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