How to Sell a Newly Renovated Home

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How to Sell a Newly Renovated Home

Selling a home is never an easy feat. It requires a lot of communication on all fronts from visuals to financials. A home is a serious investment for a buyer and is something that people should not take lightly. That is why designers who are in the real estate business should not just focus on the aesthetics of the house to be able to design their actual work and output, but also go deeper and wider when it comes to dealing with potential buyers.

Here are some tips to make it happen:

1. Have a unique selling proposition.

All houses have a kitchen, a living room, a garden, a deck, and maybe a pool if the property is that expensive, so ask yourself this: what makes the home you are designing unique? What makes it really compelling to an owner?

You can do it in many ways but first of all, study the profile of the person or the family who is inquiring about the house. Are they newlyweds without kids or with kids? These people would value safety for little children above anything else. With this in mind, can your design accommodate baby proofing for example?

Are the clients about to retire? They probably would convert most of the rooms into their hobby areas. Can the floor plan do it for them from the onset? The way you craft your marketing initiatives based on what drives them can help you easily sell the property.

2. Use really good visuals.

Aside from the technical side of the house, highlight the best part of it: how it actually looks like! Use 3D rendering services so you would not have to spend as much on photography but still showcase the property in its full entirety and in HD. This will also help you in ensuring that the quality of your materials is consistent in every platform, whether online or offline.

Detailed, realistic visuals like 3D rendering is a good investment overall because it communicates your design 24/7. It is passed on from one person to another, creating word of mouth buzz which leads to sales – which is the ultimate goal.

3D Interior Rendering of a Living Room

3. Create interest with events

Mounting viewing parties are not just fun, but is also an effective selling tool. Events create a certain level of affinity to any brand or product, in this case, with the property you are selling. They get to check if the place is somewhere they can live and thrive in once they purchase it. When doing so, always have food and drinks ready (yes, like a real party!) for refreshments. Stage the whole place – place actual furniture and accents as if the place is already lived in by actual owners.

This provides the potential clients with the firsthand look as to how the whole place will look like if they bought it. In fact, if you do the staging right, they just might purchase it – all in one!

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