Sell it Like You Mean It: Persuasion Techniques for Anyone Selling Designs

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Sell it Like You Mean It: Persuasion Techniques for Anyone Selling Designs

The world of sales is a tricky one. As much as it is necessary for a business to thrive, design and construction industries more so, it is also one of the most abhorred practices by most buyers. For most, the field of sales is almost like fooling someone into parting with their cash, only with good intentions. Be as it may, no business will thrive without it. Cash is the bloodline of any successful enterprise while its sales force is the veins that make the blood flow – steadily and with much vigor.

However, there are sales people who get the leads and those that bring in the leads that translate to cold hard cash. Here are some tips to make it to the next level of success when it comes to selling:

1. Do not sell

A bit of a challenge but to be able to make the sale, it is important to remember not to (hard) sell. It is not natural for people to respond to sales men because it robs them off their freewill; being persuaded into purchasing only leads to buyer’s remorse, something that is far worse than missing an opportunity to buy. Good sales people, especially in the field of real estate, do not sell – they lead.

Instead of saying “buy this”, they say “this is something that can make life easier for you.” Successful people in sales make the whole process all about being the bridge to a good opportunity. And once you have established yourself as a broker that has the properties that people need (or want!) or maybe a designer that knows how to create a design for a certain market, people will naturally gravitate towards you like a thirsty man to water.

2. They preach what they love than market what they hate

Truthfully, no one wants to purchase from a negative person. Although no property or item is ever perfect, it’s not a great strategy to make people make decisions based on what one item’s bad traits are over the other. In a nutshell, it’s badmouthing and something that is done in bad faith won’t stand for long.

3. Facts is the name of the game

Should you be a sweet talker to be a persuasive sales person? Yes. Should you dress well? Sure. But these are just the icing on the cake as in the end people will part with their hard earned money if they see the value on what they are buying. Instead of saying that a structure is strong, why not illustrate it? With the advent of technology such as 3D rendering and 3D software companies and professionals available, there is no excuse. There is more to life than just 100-slide PowerPoint presentations.

3D Rendering of a Living Room and Dining Area

3D Rendering of a Living Room and Dining Area

4. Be a friend

Good sales people establish relationships; great ones get invited into weddings of clients. Friendship is a testament to a good sales pitch, when it turns into a connection that transcends money and transactions.

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