How to Sell Your Deck Design

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A meticulous client has asked you to design and build a deck for his home. He even sent you some pegs to let you know what he wants to see in his deck. But with so many design inspirations this client found and tagged online, you are not feeling too confident that he’d like your ideas.

How do you sell your deck design? Here are strategies to help you sell it:

  1. Get to know why the client wants to add a deck to their home.

Ask why they decided to add a deck. It could be because they want to add value to their home or they just want a place to relax or hold parties. You need to determine the reason behind the decision to build a deck to be able to target the client’s motivations and pain points.

  1. Show them how your deck design solves their pain point/s.

Your rationale and presentation materials like 3D rendering services should demonstrate how your design solves a particular problem. For example, if the client added a deck to their home to hold parties, then some of your 3D renders can include images of people having a barbeque party on the deck. This helps clients visualize what they can do with their new deck.

  1. Show them what else is possible with your deck design.

Clients would love to see what else can be done with their deck if they choose your deck. Show them options such as adding solar lighting or unique light fixture, installing screens for privacy, or painting a design on the deck flooring. On your 3D renders, you can show them the furniture options that go well with your deck design.

  1. Tell them all the advantages of your design.

From increasing the value of a property to enhancing the beauty of the home, tell them how your deck design will contribute to these factors. You can also tell the client how to make cleaning and maintenance manageable or easy if they choose your work.

  1. Show them how it looks like during the day and at night.

Most 3D renders show clients how their deck would look during the day. But if you want to stand out, make a twilight or sunset render. The magical effect of these hours will make your design look even more dramatic and enticing. Place it beside the day render, so your client will be able to envision what they can do with your deck design from day to night.

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