Secrets of Business-Savvy Interior Designers

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Secrets of Business-Savvy Interior Designers

There is an increase in the number of interior designers in the world. Thanks to the rise of home improvement programs on TV, magazines devoted to the craft, and numerous sites and blogs available, the business of interior design is definitely booming. But there is more to the craft than meets the eye. While most can coordinate colors and choose the right couch for the right space, a thriving practice relies on a several strategies, which make it a force to be reckoned with amidst the flurry of design competition.

Do you have what it takes to make the leap from good to great in the field of interior design? Here are some ways to get it started:

1.     Great interior designers zero in on what’s important: the client

When it comes to interior design, there is a fine line between what looks good and what the client wants. But more than a line, it’s really more of a balancing act. Interior designers who get hired repeatedly really know first of all how to discern the aesthetic of the client instead of merely getting inspiration from it. They are able to create a way to bring to life what the client wants in a livable manner. After all, the client has to pay and live in that space for a very long time. These designers know their place in the whole business transaction even if it’s a partnership.

This is also where the power of communication and negotiation comes in. You can’t show your way to an expensive and highly valued interior design practice. They raise the stakes by being more than ready to explain their work and negotiate fees.

2.     Niche is everything

Master of everything in design is rarely the case for amazing interior designers with an enviable portfolio. Those who know how to make their careers thrive focus on what they are good at and hone their abilities around it whether it’s homes, hotels, restaurants, or schools, or themes.

Having a positioning – something people connects you with – is a very powerful tool in differentiating one’s self from the pack. It’s really all about branding and knowing when, where, and most importantly, who to communicate with online and in person. And this positioning bleeds into every aspect of their work even in the way they dress, carry themselves, and the projects they take on.

3D Rendering of a Living Room and a Dining Area

3D Rendering of a Living Room and Dining Area

3.     Continuous upgrades and updates

Interior designers, for them to stay on top of their games, need to be updated on the latest in the field of design. Whether its 3D rendering software or a new style in landscaping, they know it and they study it. Also, constant exposure to good design beats any kind of reading material. So aside from seminars, great interior designers are serial travelers, going as far as Southeast Asia to Italy to immerse themselves in different cultures and ways of living. At the end of the day, you cannot design what you have not experienced.

Another important thing to remember is you cannot do it alone. Build authentic relationships with people who can help you do a great job every time. These include your mentors, trusted providers from furniture to 3D rendering artists, and co-designers.

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