Scandinavian Design vs. Minimalist Design: What’s The Difference?

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Scandinavian Design vs. Minimalist Design: What’s The Difference?

Finding the right design term to describe a home interior can be quite confusing since many of the features of each home interior style  can overlap and they can even sound deceptively similar.  However, if you plan to design home interiors, you need to have an accurate understanding what distinguishes one style from another—not a very easy task, especially when it’s about the minimalist versus Scandinavian designs.

If you like browsing through Ikea catalogs and brochure, then you are probably familiar with both Scandinavian and minimalist styles since both are often prominently featured there. But the question is how do you distinguish one from another? Here are some tricks that can help you distinguish minimalist from Scandinavian interior design:

Minimalist Design

When designers talk about minimalist designs, they refer to designs that use flowing, open concept space using geometric forms and industrial materials, often using a white and black color scheme. Minimalist designs emphasize simplicity and functionality. Modern minimalist homes, however have become more open minded and liberal over time as they now allow a broader range of textures and other items to make home living more comfortable.

Minimalism  was originally used for the work of visual artists in America in the 1960’s such as Robert Morris and Anne Truitt. Now, however, minimalism is a term that refers to any item that is  deliberately  deprived of too many details and decorations. Aesthetically, minimalism draws inspiration from traditional Japanese designs in terms of simplicity, cleanliness and unhampered flow of movement in the entire home.

Scandinavian Design

On the other hand, Scandinavian design favor using natural materials, neutral pale colors and  simple minimalist geometry in wide open home interiors that uses the scant sunlight the home can accommodate from the wintry regions.

The Nordic regions originate the Scandinavian style—Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Denmark and Norway. The Washington post stated in the 1950s that if you think of  monochromatic color schemes coupled with artworks on a wooden cottage, you would understand what Scandinavian design means.

Minimalist and Scandinavian designs are more or less the same with the main difference being the  materials used.  Scandinavian designs incorporate organic materials in the whole design, wood, hemp rugs, and woven baskets for example.  Minimalist style on the other hand favor, stainless steel, lacquered plastics and chrome.

Choosing among Scandinavian and minimalist design is based purely on the preference of home owners. If you design a home, be very accurate in telling them the difference between the two to avoid confusion. Using 3D rendering services will help you show clients the difference between the two. As a whole, both minimalist and Scandinavian interior designs are relaxing and gives you a peace of mind as well as minimum cleaning requirement.

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