3 Remodeling Tips for Retail Clients

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Remodeling Tips for Retail Clients

With today’s changing shopping habits of consumers, designers and contractors have a good opportunity in making sure their business is kept afloat by targeting the very profitable segment of retailers. Today, it’s not just about fixing a certain space to be able to sell goods. It’s also about making sure that the space is well thought of and designed to ensure that it provides the best shopping experience to any client who comes through the door.

Here are some ways to make your service pertinent and relevant to retail clients:

1. Make use of scientific ways to place the right product or goods.

Top retailers make use of what is called a heat map to gauge where the most number of activities is happening inside the store. Doing so accordingly to all clients ensures that you understand their number one goal for their space – earning more per square meter. Every space in the area should be able to contribute.

For example, a certain area of the store may be enjoying a number of foot traffic. It may be a good idea to have the store designed in such a way that most of the high ticket or easily replenished items are in the area which the heat map says is where people converge. What’s the point of placing those pieces that give more back to the buck for the store owners?

With the comment cards for other mixed use retailers, the feedback as to where every expensive piece is more easily accessible (read: quickly bought!) makes the space even more a place that brings on the sales for the owner.

2. Be purposive when it comes to designing.

In some cases such as IKEA, they design the whole space based on how they want the people to go around their stores and ensure that all items in all product categories are seen. In most malls, it is believed that people will always gravitate towards food that is why most food courts are placed in the basement or the top most floors to make sure that shoppers are able to go around the mall and in the process seeing a lot of stores on the way.

Think of these in a smaller sense. How can you make all the goods visible for a shopper? One way to do so is by designing with the use of 3D architectural rendering services or 3D interior rendering to initiate several situations even before the final layouts are finished. This way, there is more room to experimentation to ensure that the design is made to achieve the goals of the owners.

3. Design it for the brand it will be.

Most of the time, the way designers make retail spaces is very trendy. It may be good for now but it makes for a better partner to the business if the designer is able to design the retail space based on the lifetime of the brand itself as it can become part of its whole brand history.

When renovating your store, we recommend getting 3D architectural rendering services or 3D interior rendering services to ensure that you get your desired layout and also to check for consistency with your brand image.

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