Qualities of a Great 3D Rendering Output

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Qualities of a Great 3D Rendering Output

The 3D rendering technology is booming. As more and more people rely on real life cues for several projects, there is a growing need for actual samples of the output before investing. But not all 3D rendering outputs are created equal. While there are more who can do it, not all 3D renders are top-quality.


It is important to be aware of this fact given that 3D rendering is also not always affordable. And so, before parting with your hard-earned money, take note of the telltale signs of a 3D rendering output that can bring value to your business.


1. It does not look like 3D.


There are some pictures that look like it was created by several interior designers, pulled out of several show rooms, and perfectly composed and shot by a professional photographer. One may wonder, how can the designer or a budding property developer afford this?


The secret there is that the space was not created, but was actually done using 3D rendering to make the whole image look real. The thing with visual aids is that it should not look manufactured. You are paying for 3D rendering that looks professional, not fake. Like Photoshop, go for an image that makes people wonder.


The colors should be very crisp, with accurate lighting and shadows, and the image must be sharp.


2. Real color on output


A good 3D rendering output also has the correct color code reflected on it. The very decision to go for 3D rendering means the need for expensive and time-consuming color correction is eradicated already as a step. This also makes the approval system much better and clearer from both the side of the client and service provider as the expectation is achieved from the very beginning.


3. It is fast and efficient


Compared to illustrations both by hand and with computer aid, 3D renderings cuts the working time from several months to a few weeks or even days only. Quick turnaround time means that the 3D company has the latest software and the best in infrastructure and machines. This also says a lot about the kind of professionals that will do the output.


Several options available for use depending on the client’s need should also be available and can be provided by the 3D rendering company for clients. The perfect 3D rendering output is one that is also right and fit for the project. Is 3D architectural animation necessary? Will a 3D exterior rendering suffice? Do you need a bird’s eye view rendering? A 3D professional artist must provide appropriate advice when it comes to your 3D rendering needs.


4. The experience is seamless on video


Real estate companies employ 3D renderings for their video presentations as it provides real life walkthroughs to clients and potential buyers. The lighting must have depth with the help of what is called IES light profiles to achieve light in real life and provide the interiors a more livable feel.


Excellent quality 3D renders do not just give the usual run through of the living room or the garden, but maximize the opportunity to further showcase the unique selling propositions of the property and the little details that make it special. 

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