Qualities of a Good 3D Rendering Service

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Qualities of a Good 3D Rendering Service

Because of the boom in interest when it comes to 3D rendering services, more companies are offering the service in the hopes that clients are more inclined to hire those that can provide it. With this is in mind, it is advisable for clients to be more wary and be very discriminating as a bad render can be much more inconvenient and costly in the long run. To prevent this from happening, read up on what makes for a great 3D rendering service:


  1. They ask for the details.

    Real 3D rendering professionals ask for all the necessary details before they begin working. If you’re an architect, they’ll ask for your floor plan, sketches, elevations, and material references. A reliable 3D rendering company understands that not knowing the design, the features of the place, and your expectations can mislead the construction team and the client, which can be a very frustrating experience for the designer.

  2. It’s photo-realistic.

    3D renderings look photo-realistic, as in they can look as good or even better than a photograph if done right. This also underscores one of the biggest difference as well the best benefit that a 3D render can provide. It shows blurred parts and even uneven lighting as there is no such thing as studio perfect lighting anyway in real life.This then gives the owner a very faithful representation of the space and helps in deciding for example details as important as placement of windows or of furniture pieces.

  3. It’s time-sensitive.

    More than anything, 3D renderings are faster to accomplish. If it’s already taking more than two months for the service provider to come up with an initial output, then they may not be the professional that they are saying they are.

    Of course, anything is dependent on the project itself but if it also takes the same time as the very traditional ways of coming up with the design, then it may not be a great use of time. 3D rendering is all about convenience above all – time being the top consideration on why it is being done in the first place.

  4. The technology is up to date.

    The service provider should be able to say the software they are using and how recent their services are. This gives a working idea as to their expertise and how fast they can churn output.

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