Presenting to Win: Presentation Tips for Design Students

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Presenting to Win: Presentation Tips for Design Students

For the most part, design students have the artistic side of their academic careers down pat. They know already how to create plates, mix colors, do 3D rendering – they would not be in design school if it’s otherwise. However, in this increasingly cutthroat industry, there is more supply to meet the demand for designers. In fact, even those not in design school can call themselves one just by knowing basic design software.

So how can one student rise above the clutter early in their career? The one thing that separates the good to great is their speaking ability. Sure, they are not paid to speak but the only way to sell their wares is to be able to nail public speaking on the head. Those whose personal brand is strong and reliable are those who are able to carry themselves well in the board room of potential clients – starting with the way they present.

Here some quick tips for budding designer entrepreneurs:

  1. Know your craft.

    Great presenters are good with stories and stories always come in the form of context. For example, a certain design can be presented via a storyline of ancient Greece especially if it speaks of a more Athens-like aesthetic. Another way to provide context is by referencing designers. For the eclectic, artists like Dali or Warhol can be mentioned. For the more Americana, Norman Rockwell and his illustrations can be said.

    In the end, nobody wants to hear about cement or pillars – all structures are made of them. What makes a design memorable is through the stories of how it came to be in the first place.

    Of course, an offshoot of this first tip is the fact that great designers need to be voracious readers, too. Clients know their stuff and would never expect anything less from their designers.

  2. Use technology

    There is more available options today than ever before for students. Technology concerning animation has jumped dramatically that it’s almost a sin to simply just present flat blueprints.

    This is a chance for them to leap forward their more senior counterparts by harnessing the gifts of soft wares such as 3D rendering and the like. It makes for a more realistic design and gives clients an almost replica of what they can enjoy once the design is built.

3D Interior Rendering of a Kitchen

3D Interior Rendering of a Kitchen

  1. Use words to help convey the design

    For their liberal arts counterparts who struggle with design, designers in turn are challenged by the use of words when presenting, which makes most of their PowerPoint presentations seem like a run-through of images. Instead, make use of big words that help establish a point and create an impact.

    It does not necessarily have to be paragraphs upon paragraphs but phrases that can propel the presentation forward.

  2. Dressing well

    Designers should also learn to dress well to be able to be taken more seriously especially by clients in more conservative businesses. Look into the company culture and see how the people dress in the office. This will guide you on what you should wear on the day of your presentation.

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