Pitch Preps for a Positive Client Meeting

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Pitch Preps for a Positive Client Meeting

Pitching to clients is part and parcel of a sustainable business. Referrals can only carry a company for long. To ensure lasting success, companies should be proactive in getting the word out there to have a cadre of great clients. This solidifies their ability to have a steady cash flow that carries them through several fiscal schedules.

But there is more to pitching than simply scoring a schedule and presenting in a board room. Here are some ways to ensure that cost estimates are requested right after:

1. Prepare to back up claims with actual numbers.

Every company presents their profile in every meeting. Be memorable by going the hard way: present actual facts to back it up. Did a company benefit from a service via an increase in sales by X percent? Did a company score a space at a competitive area because of one design? These matters more than a list of services which can be sent via email anyway.

Instead, prove how the firm can provide actual value that is translated to results. Today, companies don’t just need service providers – they also need strategic partners that can help them reach the right levels of success for their initiatives.

More so, present also how they can save. Design in itself is expensive, but a great pitch also shows why it’s worth it.

2. Bring samples

Aside from the facts, bring actual samples of designs. Having a tactile sample of a design complex for real estate clients is highly appreciated as they can literally see before their eyes what the firm can do. This can be achieved by getting 3D rendering services to create photo-realistic 3D renders for presentation. This investment can serve the firm well and good as there is more demand for it in many industries.

3D Exterior Rendering of a Modern Home

3D Exterior Rendering of a Modern Home

3. Research on the client

Another way to sell to the client is to speak their language and talk to their needs without actually being upfront about it. Let’s say the building is in the process of re-design, the firm can speak about restoration and ways to save on renovations. If they are transferring offices, discussing the firm’s ability to custom fit spaces can be great.

Instead of sweeping statements, it is much better to talk about key items which the company is thinking about and worrying about. Your proposal should answer how you can help them solve their pain points. This can make the negotiations easier and makes the firm the obvious choice. The process leaves the guessing game out of the equation and makes the discussions more specific and productive for both parties.

4. Have a parting shot

Like salesmen, leave something that the company can remember the firm by. It can be a simple key chain or a well-designed calling card that can represents the firm. Think of it as a thank you gift as you would give to a person who invited you in their home and makes the company representative, who took precious hours of their busy schedule to meet, feel special.

If you need help creating stunning 3D architectural rendering or 3D renders of your designs to enhance your presentation, contact Power Rendering.

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