Pitch Perfect: Creating the Right Presentation for Business Owners

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Pitch Perfect: Creating the Right Presentation for Business Owners

For every designer, the pitch for potential clients is their ultimate make or break tool in getting a new client or getting referred to a great one. Pitches are like a snapshot of their ability, condensed into a few minutes. Needless to say, pitches are what separate the best from the so-so designers of this very competitive industry.

However, while most professionals have this down pat or have mastered this practice, most designers who are just starting out needs more help and assistance in this matter. And also, it does not hurt for the seasoned ones to upgrade and edit their decks and pitches to cater to a newer set of business owners and get more business for their firms.

Gone are the days of boring PowerPoints. Today, to get noticed, it takes more than just the ability to stand in front of a group of people as business owners have become savvier and more in tune with the latest trends. To raise the stakes, here are some quick tips:

 1.     Make it more visually appealing

Designers have, for years, used the mood board to express their vision for the space or project. However, this has become too common. Today, with business owners getting younger too, employing other means of visual expression is important. Although video can be quite expensive, its benefits are far more reaching. And with technology such as 3D architectural rendering services and virtual reality boxes, coming up with a more visually driven presentation is not as hard and as expensive as before.


2.     Answer this question for the client: What’s in it for me?

Most pitches are all about championing the designer’s credentials and sure, that’s good, necessary even. But to win the hearts and wallets of business owners, you have to be able to really let them know what is at stake for them. How will your design improve their top line and bottom line? How will the introduction of new layouts make the flow of service faster? How will it impress guests, clients, and customers?

It’s very easy to say that spending more will equate to earning more. The secret to nailing this is by understanding the how (your design) and the why (their vision & mission in their business) and through your pitch, weaving a seamless story of the two together.

3.     Incorporate the cost in the pitch

Here’s the thing about business owners: if they are that good, they will understand the value of your services as a designer, after all, they are also in the business of billing someone else for their products and/or services. But you have to make them understand and appreciate why you are also asking for that much as stated in #2. Moreover, you have to make the cost as honest as possible. Business owners need to know the real costs of what they are getting into because they will get necessary resources away from other aspects of their business and funnel it into yours.

Now the best pitches that win business answers just that: is it worth the effort of the client to do just that?

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