How Mentoring Benefits New Interior Designers and Architects

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How Mentoring Benefits New Interior Designers and Architects

Being in the business, many fresh graduate designers can feel daunted by how big the industry can be. While some go on and pursue their dreams, some may opt to explore other fields. While some may benefit from the time away from designing, sadly, not all may find their way back.

This where the benefit of mentoring can be as it provides guidance for the mentee and the opportunity for the mentor to give back. If they are lucky, they may even earn a lifelong employee or colleague that may prove to be a really good fit for their companies or practice. In the end, it’s really the mentee who wins in the end.

If you are straight out of design school or finding your way back to the design world, here are some ways having a mentor-mentee relationship can benefit you greatly:

 1.     It cuts the learning curve shorter and better.

Without a mentor, you have to navigate the designing process (including dealing with design briefs, client presentations, etc.) on your own. With a mentor, there is a designated and committed teacher showing you the ropes from how to make your 3D rendering look more natural for client pitches to knowing what to wear during an important meeting. At first, the effects may seem miniscule, but in the greater scheme of things, the simple information that is fed to you is like insider stories which no book or friend can ever provide you.

Lounge Area

3D Rendering of a Lounge Area

There is no better way to win in this industry than being under a person who has been in the game long enough to know the rules and share with you how to play it to victory. And yes, it includes knowing the basics.

2.     Mentors look at your possibilities
The design world is vast and there are many niches with which you can penetrate. With a mentor, instead of being lost and exploring for years, he or she can nail it down in a few months, especially if you do the work. They can guide you in the right direction and assess your capabilities to know where you may be happier and more successful in the long run.
3.     These people hold you to a higher standard

Without a mentor, done work can be the best work for you. With a mentor, done work is just finished work and the next should be better than the last. Mentors provide a standard or a metric that you must exceed or achieve on a consistent basis. They give you the motivation to up your game so that you yourself become committed to excellence on each and every project that you put your name in.

4.     They give you the elite projects

More than anything else, the best thing about working under a mentor is the benefit of access. With them, you are able to be exposed in the most challenging and most elite of projects that some designers spend their whole life wishing they can work on.

So if you want to take your career further, find yourself a good mentor. It may be tough, pressure inducing, and very challenging but the payoff in the end is always worth it.
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