Making the Bakery of Your Dreams With 3D Rendering

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Making the Bakery of Your Dreams With 3D Rendering

There is a bigger attention being given to small and medium enterprises due to their innovative nature and the great contribution they give to the community via employment and revenue streams. One of the best SME forays is the bakery. Found in almost every community, bakeries provide the people it serves with the freshest of breads and personalized service that only this kind of business can.

But the magic of a bakery lies on its design and overall look as well. Making it inviting for customers ensures its success for generations to come. Here are some tips on creating a bakery worthy of an everyday visit:

1. Play up on it strengths

As with any business, the overall aesthetic of the place should feature and highlight its strengths. If it uses fresh ingredients, then freshness cues must be present in the design. Having murals of flour and eggs being folded together or rolling pins on dough can be placed on the walls to play up on this brand asset.

If the bakery also has delicious in-store dishes such as pastas and crepes, using the shade of orange always makes people hungry and ready to eat. Also, some colors connote premium and special to the public such as gold and egg robin blue (yes, the color of Tiffany & Co. boxes!).

Freshly made breads can be laid out in baskets where people can see upon entering. Not only does it communicate well visually but also brings out the smell of the bread upon entrance, making people hungry and ready to purchase products.

2. Translate it online

To make the experience more memorable, make sure to replicate it online. You can do this by providing a look at the bakery but with a twist – provide an inside look as to what is happening in the kitchen! This way, it can further support the commitment of the bakery to providing quality bread. No need to invest in expensive photography services as it can be provided by the designer via 3D rendering images. These are true replicas of the look of the place and can make people appreciate better the services of the bakery, not to mention its willingness to be more transparent.

3. Make it a classic

What makes iconic brands so memorable? It’s because of their decision to stick to classic designs in terms of their overall look. The only way to achieve this is by investing in high quality building materials that last the test of time and trends. It makes it easier for the store to focus on essentials instead of constantly updating the look and benefits greatly from this strategy should they seek to open more branches.

Sticking to one universal design is a gift that keeps on giving as it creates a message in the minds of the consumers that they will come home to with every visit, making the brand and the bakery one that is loved and cherished for years.

To achieve the kind of bakery design that you want, work with a trusted interior designer who can turn your vision to reality. Ask for 3D rendering of the design options so you can collaborate on this project and provide accurate feedback to your designer. The goal here is to make your customer’s experience memorable the moment they step into your store.

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