Life After Architecture: Career Paths for the Fresh Graduate

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Life After Architecture: Career Paths for the Fresh Graduate

When it comes to architecture graduates, the sky’s the limit when it comes to opportunities. Because of the burgeoning demand for land and structures for both residential and business needs, architects who toiled and paid their dues in school will be happy to know that their efforts will be handsomely rewarded once they face the real world.

There are many ways with which they can maximize their hard earned diploma and title. If you are raring to face the wild world of working professionals, here several paths to take advantage of:

1. Urban development

With cities turning from a metro to mega, there is a great need for urban developers who have a deep understanding of both function and design. Architects, given their deep knowledge in creating structures that are both livable and great to look at, are the blood line with which cities can maximize their space and population in a sustainable manner.

Urban development professionals chart the life of a place up to 50 years and safeguards it from any eventuality, making it a place that’s safe to live and thrive in for generations to come.

2. 3D rendering artist

When it comes to design agencies, 3D rendering artists are the most important of all. They provide the kind of output that closes deals and wins clients’ hearts. The art of 3D is about providing a design that makes samples that make every design come to life. And with architects’ experience in creating blueprints, this is simply another feather to their cap in terms of skills. It is one way to create a name for one’s self as there is more to 3D rendering than meets the eye – the person should also have a real artistic hand to come up with a design that a client will spend on. This is role is recommended especially to fresh graduates who are still starting out in the industry and would like to learn from experienced architects.

3D Rendering of an Office

3D Rendering of an Office

3. Restoration architect

Restoration of buildings is another career path that architects can get into. If the person loves old structures and would love to work in helping to preserve their beauty and structural integrity, then this is the job to pursue. With modernization, old places such as museums, churches, and libraries are an even more rarity and are a sight to behold. To get into this path is to literally take care of the soul of a place and those with an older soul and are influenced heavily by artists of yore can get the most joy out of.

3. Teachers of basic drawing

Basic drawing is the backbone of a long designing career. It is the building block so to speak and is the time when a person learns the rules before they can break them. Genius is built upon fundamentals and architects, who have toiled several days and nights of their lives to this practice, are the best people to teach.

In the end, they don’t just know, but also do.

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