Joining the Big Leagues: Online Marketing Tips for Designers

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Joining the Big Leagues: Online Marketing Tips for Designers

When it comes to getting your message across, online is the way to go. Today, people search when they want to know something, and if you are not found on those search engines, chances are you are missing a big chunk of revenue. Word of mouth is no longer the kind of information that gets passed around over lunch or meetings. It is now amplified in thousands, with each person having their own spheres of influence. Just imagine one Facebook user with about three thousand friends gives a shout out about your brand, then is seen by ten who shares it in their own pages, each with three thousand friends as well. Even without doing the math, the effects are staggering.

The question is, are you ready to be a part of it? It can be quiet an intimidating experience but the returns are immediate. Take your designing business online via these steps:

1.     Add everybody

Gone are the days of being too selective when it comes to your friends online. As a designer, what you want is maximum exposure plus who is to say that person is not one who can take your business further? Truth is, unless it is stated, you really would not know if a person adding you up is a hotel owner, a gallery curator, furniture professional or a person looking for a designer. So just keep on adding! If you are worried about your privacy that much, then open a Facebook page for your brand or master the visibility options on Facebook.

2.     Take stock of what can be searched about you

Since you are opening up to millions of people, it’s time to take a look of what people would actually see when they search for you. Those drunken college nights may have been epic but it’s not going to get you the resort designing job you have always dreamed of. Start by Googling (yep, it’s a word) yourself and see at the first page what comes up and then delete or hide accordingly.

It is better that people see your work, your office, your contact information, and your referrals. Think of it as your resume, only you don’t know who will see and when they will see it so it is better to be safe than sorry.

3.     Have an online hub

If PR people have a war room where their clients get briefed or where they keep the goods during events, have a one stop shop place where potential customers can find everything about you without having to go to several places online.

The best way to do this is to have a really well-designed website. Place your portfolio there and invest in 3D rendering technology for videos. Nowadays, aesthetics are impressive but technical know-how gets the contract and the checks signed. 3D rendering is also great for designers who are just starting out and who are still in the processing of expanding their client list.

3D Rendering of a Reception Area

3D Rendering of a Reception Area

4.     Commit only to what you can maintain

Now that you have a website, what else can you add? The most effective social media tool out there is one that 1) you can master to use, 2) care enough to use, and 3) use on a regular and consistent basis.

It doesn’t matter how great a site or a page is, if it is not updated at least 4x a week, it won’t get you clients. Instead, commit to a space you are willing to interact with customers and other users and see your business soar.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest, LinkedIn are the major social media platforms. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Use these platforms with a strategy in mind.

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