The Industries that Benefit From 3D Rendering

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The Industries that Benefit From 3D Rendering

The first time you’ve probably heard about 3D rendering was in the film and advertising industry, where movies and advertising clips use computer generated imagery (CGI) to create special effects. You may not be aware that the background, the extras or the cars at a certain scene may be CGIs. However, 3D rendering is not only utilized in film and advertising, but it is also widely used in architecture, interior design, medicine, retail, science, automotive, and manufacturing industry for its income-generating benefits. It also did not begin in the entertainment industry; 3D rendering’s history can be traced back to Boeing’s airplane cockpits.

Here are other industries that use 3D rendering technology:

Architecture and Interior Design

No matter how detailed a 2D illustration can be, it will never be able to show clients the full picture. 3D rendering, on the other hand, gives both the architect or the interior designer and the client to take a look into the future of a project—how it will look like physically, how it would look against its surroundings, how the future owners can maximize their property’s value– way before construction starts.

The designer would be able to let his client not only visualize but actually see what the project will look like at certain stages of construction, and how it will exactly look like once finished. When used as a communication tool, 3D rendering can help prevent design flaws. It contributes to cost-efficiency and time management efforts.


Medical instruction has greatly improved with the aid of 3D animation. Scenarios can now be simulated and students can experience practice performing procedures firsthand, as if they are treating patients. Surgical procedures can be simulated. Because of this feature, doctors are better able to foresee possible consequences and the circumstances that they need to prepare for, reducing the undesirable risks that come with any major medical procedure.


3D visualization is also widely used in science. It can simulate earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other surface movements. It can illustrate the effects of gravity as well as the details of mocules. It’s also used in ecology, where terrain rendering and climate visualization can be seen.


3D rendering or 3D animation is always seen in films, advertisements, and gaming.  The special effects that you see might be a result of 3D rendering efforts. Check out these popular films that used 3D visual effects.

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