How to Improve Customer Service Skills as a Designer

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How to Improve Customer Service Skills as a Designer 

Today, the cornerstone of every successful enterprise and every successful professional is the amazing ability to offer customer service – designers most especially. It is highlighted as an amazing ability because customer service is a gift. It does not come naturally to most people and that’s why success as well is not experienced by many. Customer service is all about being selfless – it does not come from a place of ego, of “I am better than you, I know this better than you” attitude, but from a place of true service to another person, to a client, who needs the designer’s expertise.

However, even if there is a challenge to provide great customer service, any designer who wants to raise their game can follow simple but effective ways to make customer service an integral part of their business sense for sustainable success:

1. Explain your work

It’s easy to be swallowed by jargon. But that’s truly being lazy as a designer. Those who really close deals are able to explain their process in the simplest of terms and in a manner that the client will both understand and appreciate. Throwing industry terms in the hopes of dazzling them won’t win you any favors or any projects at all.

Instead, create a story out of your work. Like advertising people, build it up and then close with a big reveal. Emotions matter in customer service and the first step in making a good impression is in the way you pitch your business to the client. If at this stage you cannot assist them to invest in you, then that’s a big problem.

Using jargon excessively also would seem like you are talking down to your client – a big no-no in corporate in general.

2. Respond immediately

When they submit some edits or feedback, respond even with something as simple as confirming receipt. This takes the guesswork out of the equation and they also will feel that you are always on top of things.

3. Come prepared

Client’s time is important. The time they spend listening to you and looking at your design costs them money. How you make it worth their effort especially when having your work approved and your billings processed is what makes you the best designer in their eyes. And the surest way to communicate this is by going to the presentations well-prepared. Anticipate questions as most of them, if you can answer on the spot, can help expedite their decision making.

Interior designers use 3D rendering to present ideas and options to clients.

Coming prepared can be as simple as bringing several 3D architectural rendering plans that you all can look over and study. It can also be as thoughtful as bringing coffee and donuts for everyone if the meeting is early in the morning or in a sleepy afternoon in a cold boardroom and everyone is need of a pick me up. Customer service after all is all about people and how you make them feel, so decide how you will be towards them with this in mind. People who feel appreciated and special are more amenable to work and do business with.

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