Before and After Images Plus Other Ways to Establish Credibility

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Before and After Images Plus Other Ways to Establish Credibility

When you are just starting out as an architect, an interior designer, or a property developer, one of the real challenges that you might face in your career or business is proving your competence and reliability. These days, hard selling rarely works because people are turned off by pushy salespeople. So if pure sales talk won’t work, what will? How can you establish your credibility in the industry?

1. Powerful Visuals as Proof

There is nothing more powerful than actual visuals to showcase your talent and skills as a designer. Showing before and after images of your work is an effective, time-tested strategy for building credibility in your niche. For architects, interior designers, and property developers, these images consist of the 3D render and the actual photo of the completed real estate or property development project. You can publish 3D renders and photographs of your work on your social media pages, use them for ads and promotional brochures and flyers, post them on your website or blogs to support case studies and statistics, include them in your portfolio, or use them for client presentations.

2. Your own professional website

Have a professionally designed website. Unless you’re a pro, don’t risk doing this yourself. The design and content should reflect who you are as a professional—creative, reliable, and highly skilled. The website should offer complete information about who you are, your qualifications, and your services. It should also offer complete information about your contact details, especially your physical address.

3. References

In your portfolio, mention who your clients are. After each project, ask clients for their feedback. Positive feedback always helps enhance your reputation.

4. Create social media presence.

If you haven’t created your social media account for your business yet, then you’re missing out on lot of reputation-enhancing benefits. Having your own page on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and most especially LinkedIn can help you better target, engage, and connect with your target market. Social media provides you a lot of opportunities to build your credibility. You can update your followers about your recent accomplishments and position yourself as a thought leader by sharing your knowledge.


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