How to use 3D Architectural Renderings to Successfully Sell a House Before It Gets Built

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How to use 3D Architectural Renderings to Successfully Sell a House Before It Gets Built

Many consider buying a home before it is built for several reasons. One, they want to save on construction prices. Buyers can get as much as 30% in savings when they buy homes prior to construction. They also don’t have to pay for the property in full; they can save money during the building process. However, savings are not the only reason why people choose to buy pre-constructed homes. So what drives these savvy, early-bird buyers to close the sale before construction or project completion? It’s the chance to get involved in the development and make the house truly their home.

Now what’s the fastest way for real estate professionals and property developers to sell pre-constructed homes?  The answer: compelling and photo-realistic 3D architectural renderings. Here are tips on how you can use 3D architectural renderings to get them to say yes to you.

1. Use 3D architectural renderings to excite and inspire.

What can be more exciting than seeing the actual house? It’s seeing the house in different settings. You can present how the house looks during the day or at night. A room can be presented in as many colors as you like. You can also move furniture around and present various lighting effects. The design possibilities are endless with 3D architectural renderings. Clients can get involved in the design process and they will feel even more excited about their future home.

2. Use 3D architectural renderings to build trust.

Use 3D architectural renderings to communicate your ideas and plans for their future house. Let 3D visuals communicate what technical terms and CAD drawings and floor plans can’t. When your clients fully understand your ideas and plans for their house, you’ll also get them to trust you as their designer or developer. Present 3D architectural renderings during client meetings and use these as a tool for giving them updates on the status of the project. You can also use 3D renders to justify cost and to explain what works and what doesn’t. This is where your expertise will really shine. You can help your clients make an informed decision about their house with 3D renders. You’ll not only gain trust, but also their respect.

3. Use 3D architectural renderings to help them save time and money.

Presenting 3D architectural renderings can save your client a lot of time and money. There’s no room for costly trial and error when you can already decide on every detail with 3D presentations. Flaws are spotted and errors are minimized. 3D architectural renderings can also be used as a visual aid to go with your papers when securing approval from the government.

Here is how Venelle Properties, a premier property development company in Australia, successfully sold five luxury homes prior to project completion with the help of 3D architectural renderings:

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Photo shows Power Rendering 3D Architectural Renderings used by Venelle properties to sell five modern luxury homes before completion.

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