How to Reinforce Home Security in Your Design

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What do you do if a client asks you how to make their home safer? Of course they know about security cameras and CCTV cameras , but as good a deterrent they are to home invaders, they could not physically restrain unscrupulous people from breaking into a home.  All these camera’s do is tell the police who the criminals are, but would not prevent these people from entering your home.  So how do you protect families?


Here are some tips:

Reinforce windows

Most of the time home invaders enter homes using the windows since they are often made of glass which is easy to break. Reinforcing the window, therefore, is a brilliant idea.  Changing the glass pane of your windows may be necessary.  Regular glass  is really easy to break. There are tougher alternatives to regular glass for your windows.

  • Tempered glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Polycarbonate glass

You can also  add window grills  for more security, but the problem is that in case of fire, you can’t get out through the window.


Dogs or fake dogs

When dogs bark, people get scared. That is why dogs are perfect house guards.  Having a dog stationed outside will deter a lot of  burglars.  The problem is that not all people want to own dogs . Even those who may want to have dogs, but are allergic to them would not be able to have the protection that dogs offer unless they have dog alarms. These alarms have motion detectors and would let out growling and barking sounds just like a dog, making many would be home invaders go running.


Bright external lighting

Like CCTV cameras, external lighting will not stop a criminal from physically entering a home, but they make them think twice.  Light makes criminals feel exposed, that is why they would prefer to enter homes with dark surroundings.


Window alarms

Window alarms also help deter criminals  because when they try to break the glass, an alarm would sound alerting the neighbors. Combined with stronger types of glass, window alarms would make your home a lot safer.


Stronger doors and door locks

When it comes to doors, don’t be thrifty. Choose the best quality possible. While most home invaders use the windows to break in,  some use their lock-picking skills to open the door instead. Cheap locks are very easy to pick and weak doors can break when kicked in. The money you saved from buying cheap doors and locks will not compensate even half of what you lose when a home invader enters your home.

From the types of doors you install to the external lightings you will use, you can use 3D rendering services to show the house’s security features.

As a designer, you can help you can give your clients peace of mind by using 3D rendering services to demonstrate safety features in their homes or offices. Always ensure there’s good external lighting, window materials are not easy to break and suggest some security gadgets as well.

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