How to Make Your Client Fall in Love With Your Design

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How to Make Your Client Fall in Love With Your Design

Presenting to clients can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences any designer can have. Usually, designers are not as good in public speaking as most people since design is such a solitary activity to begin with. However, explaining one’s work is a necessary activity for any designer who wants to bring the practice to the next level.

Being able to communicate properly and translate one’s vision into words is a gift that keeps on giving. It can literally change the trajectory of any designer’s career and enable one to reach more clients. Here are some tips to achieve it:

1.     Base it on need

While some clients have something done based on their preferences, majority of the time, the design is because of a specific need. To sell the idea, this should be the basis of the explanation. Other designers can focus on color and nuances, but it takes a special kind of breed to be able to get it from a true insight, which encapsulates the need for it in the first place.

2.     Be upfront with costs

Most clients appreciate honesty and part of that honesty is saying what the cost really is of any project, before the client accepts the design. Explaining the reasons as to why this tile would cost more and why it would be a great investment in the long run is something that clients, at least the right ones with the proper mindset, will always love about their designers. Instead of going around the bush, go all out with all the information! Great design, and an even greater designer-client relationship, depends on it.

3.     Make the visuals come to life

Technical representations of the design are good – if your client is also a designer like you. For the rest of them, make it easier to digest. Create a story out of it for example by use of creative means to tell how the design can fit into their lifestyles. Have a story board instead of reams of sketches. Use 3D architectural rendering or 3D architectural animation to show your work.

3D Rendering of a Modern Real Estate Development Project

3D Rendering of a Modern Real Estate Development Project

Think like a client: why would they invest in something that’s so utterly boring from the get-go? Punctuate your words with amazing design looks via different means of storytelling. It can be an infographic, a painting, a sculpture, a multimedia video – your creativity’s the limit! Stop placing your designs in cookie cutter means of presentations and find your clientele multiply and come in droves.

4.     Make it about their life

Speaking of storytelling, make sure that you are also focus on the right thing: the client. Remember, especially for the homeowners, this is their life you are dealing with. They will live with that design and pass it on to their families. It’s where they will spend their days and nights, hosting parties, having babies, making friends, making a life. So make sure that your design honors that and you’ll surely find them in love with your work.


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