How to Make Events Planning Easier on a Daily Basis

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How to Make Events Planning Easier on a Daily Basis

Event planning and styling are good business as these harp on an entrepreneur’s many talents and abilities, from logistics to creative design. It also always in demand, especially now that companies see the amazing effects that below the line advertising can do for their campaigns and brand launches. Of course, there is a need to factor in other personal and family-oriented events such as weddings, baptisms, and birthday parties. Truly, it’s always a great day to be in the industry.

Although there is big money involved in events, there is just as much headache-inducing problems and delays that go with it. How can one business savvy events expert deal? Let us count the ways:

1. Have a stable and reliable list of suppliers

Building relationships with a steady stable of suppliers is the number one priority that all budding event planners should do. As much as trying out several printers need to be done on the onset, once you find a good one, stick to the company. This ensures that all your controlled billable items are maintained. Aside from that, there is always a set of people that you know you can rely on and whose quality of work you can vouch for.

When it comes to venue design or booth and stage design, work with someone who has 3D rendering skills. 3D rendering can help you present to your clients what the venue would actually look like during the event itself. It would then be easier to get the client’s approval on the venue, event theme, and other design-related matters.

3D Rendering of a Veranda for Small Family Gatherings

3D Rendering of a Veranda Ideal for Small Family Gatherings

2. Be upfront with the fees

It’s hard to decide on any billing, but it is harder to do on one that cannot be seen, so from the onset of the partnership, be upfront with your fees. Include all the items, from your service fee to everything included in the logistics.

Do not surprise your client with fees a few months down the line and definitely not when the event is just around the corner. This is totally unprofessional, leads to so much stress, and may cause you your business. So make honesty really your best policy and tell the client everything they need to know, most importantly on things they have to pay for.

3. Use apps to plan your day.

A simple to-do list won’t cut it for event planners. You need to have everything planned out. Use planners like Evernote or Google Calendar to plot your schedule and tasks. Here’s a Forbes list of other event planning apps that you can use.

4. Work on yourself

The thing with events is that it really is like building something spectacular from thin air. Event planners are like magicians in that it entails a lot of creative thought process before anything else. However, if you do not work on yourself by reading books, travelling, exposing yourself to different event executions, then the magic, which your clients pay you for, disappears. To make the ideas flow and the decks become more beautiful and engaging when you present to clients, set aside time to recoup your energy and for study time always. Your billable hours will follow soon enough!

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