How to Help Your Clients Make a House Design Brief

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If you are an architect, you naturally want to give your clients the house that they will love. Unfortunately, that is not always easy to do. Sure, you can easily sketch beautiful buildings and houses, but if you don’t take into account what your clients really like in the first place, you are shooting in the dark.

To make sure that the house you designed will get the approval and admiration of the owners, you have to ask them to make a design brief for the house they want to build.  Here’s what you need to ask from your clients so they can write a design brief that will help you build their dream home:

  1. Ask them to list the things they like in other homes.

For sure, there are certain parts in other people’s houses that your clients really like and want to incorporate into their own home.  It could be the kitchen design, the bathroom design, the stairs, the room arrangements, the roof, the windows, the garage, the bathroom etc. Everything they like in other houses can be listed here.  You can also ask them to provide photos of designs they like.

  1. Find out what they like and dislike in their current home.

Not only should you ask them what like in other people’s homes, but they also have to look at their current home too and see what elements they want to incorporate into their new home and which elements they want to improve.  Ask them to list down their dislikes. Guide them to use the experience they have in their old home to make their new home more comfortable.

  1. Plan the spaces.

Planning the partition of spaces within the home is one of the fun but difficult parts. Ask them how they want to use each space in their home. What functions do they want to have in their kitchen or living room for example? Ask about their habits and lifestyle and how they want to use the room, because these can help clients better plan their space with their designer or architect.

  1. Go over the design brief with your client.

Review the design brief and go over all the details with your client. If you see details that you know won’t work, offer solutions. You can use 3D rendering services to demonstrate your point. This would also be a good time to suggest better options.




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