How to Be an Architect that Wows

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How to Be an Architect that Wows

When it comes to the process of creation, nothing beats the kind of rigorous training, focused study, and amazing dedication that being an architect entails. Architecture is one of the best and most expensive ways to create art that not only provides a beautiful backdrop to any skyline but also a functional area for people to converge for whatever reason it be – work, play, or both.

However, there is more to being an architect than just meets the eye. As with any industry, going beyond the basics is the secret to being truly successful. Every person who wants to and has the talent can go to school and finish it in four to five years, take the board, and be a licensed architect. But what truly separates the board passers from the truly iconic ones whose work literally stands for itself? Here are some ways to become an architect that bring the wow:

1. Train with the best

There is a saying that who you are five years from now is the effect of all the books, people, and experiences you take and invest in today. This saying cannot be any truer for every budding architect whose aim is to make a mark.

Instead of just minding the books and those plates, use the time in between school years to train and be mentored by the best. Pick a building that you love and speak to you in a deep level and search who made it. Then, work for that person for free. Make his coffee if need be. Being mentored is one of the best gifts one can do for their selves and their budding careers.

Offer your services for free first to the best in exchange for learning from them and the ropes of the industry even before you get a diploma and you won’t even be surprised if your signature alone gets a big value.

2. Make time for reading books beyond the required materials

Explore the world of art in many ways as a means to inspire you to be more innovative with your work and your style. First seek to know, then assimilate, then create. Make yourself open up to a whole new world in coffee tables and other reading materials.

Books can only do so much so increase your reading repertoire! Magazines, illustrated novels, even flyers lying around by real estate agents is a good way to know more about architecture – in action!

3. Update your skills everyday

3D Rendering of a Bedroom

3D Rendering of a Bedroom

Life is a never ending process of improvement and architecture is no exemption. Learning new skills such as 3D rendering is the way to better output and of course, better market value as an architect. And work on your presentation and interpersonal skills as well especially if you want to own your own firm someday. Remember, those beautiful landscape designs and 3D renderings won’t be able to sell themselves if you can’t communicate well with people. Good luck!

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