How the Hotel Industry Can Benefit from 3D Architectural Rendering Services

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How the Hotel Industry Can Benefit from 3D Architectural Rendering Services

If you have tried booking for a hotel room online, you may have noticed that some of the world’s biggest hotels have some interesting features posted on their website. One of these interesting features is called the virtual tour. Virtual tour, also known as visual walkthrough or an architectural animation, gives future guests not just a simple glimpse, but an almost real-life feel of the amenities and premium services of the hotel. This feature is a proven effective customer-enticing strategy for the hotel industry.

According to a study conducted by Pew Research in 2006, over five million people are watching virtual tours each day. This data is for US alone and this figure may have increased significantly after almost eight years with people getting better access to the internet and mobile gadgets. In another study by Best Western hotel chain, it reports that their websites that have virtual tours get 48% more bookings than those that don’t have this feature. This remarkable milestone for hotels is made possible by 3D architectural rendering.

Architectural animation can ultimately help hotels increase their sales. Using this type of 3D architectural rendering as a form of marketing solution for hotel and restaurants has the following advantages:

1. Gets the customer’s attention. Virtual tours present a clear detail of the hotel rooms and amenities. The aim of architectural 3D rendering is quite simple. It is to present every facet of the space in three-dimensional standard to let the customer feel as if they are inside the actual room. The surrounding parameters cover every corner of the room, the ceiling and the floor as well as the outside view. Because viewers can see all the best features of the hotel, a great lasting impression can be created about the hotel. Architectural animation becomes not just a marketing tool, but also a public relations tool that helps generate a positive image of the hotel.

2. Convenient for clients. Having an all-access pass to tour all the amenities and rooms online helps clients select and book a specific room according to their needs and preferences without the need for ocular inspection. It saves the client time and money because they no longer need to visit the hotel to see the amenities for themselves.

3. Engages customers. Virtual tours are interactive. These empower customers to control what they view in the hotel and how they want to view it. They can zoom in on details they would like to inspect. As a result, they stay longer on the website.

4. Cost efficient. Maintaining the site can add up to the hotel’s marketing costs but 3D architectural renderings require one-time payment. Once the service has been rendered by the 3D architectural rendering firm, they will be paid accordingly, and that’s it. If ever there are some changes in the design, for instance, renovations, it is just a matter of contacting the firm again so they can revise the presentation.

5. Wider reach and 24/7 exposure. 3D architectural animation is on your website 24 hours a day. As a result, it can be viewed any time by the hotel’s target clients, wherever they are in the world.

6. Sales and marketing can begin even if the construction isn’t finished yet. If the hotel is not yet fully constructed or is under renovation, architectural animation enables the company to start marketing the hotel without requiring professional photography services.

To view samples of architectural animation and other 3D architectural rendering services, visit our gallery.

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