Home Selling Tips for Homeowners

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Home Selling Tips for Homeowners

When selling one’s home, it’s really about putting one’s own life’s work for sale. A home is a very personal item for any person and one that an owner worked hard for to acquire, maintain, and improve through the years.

But at the same time, a home is also one of the best investment pieces that a person could have. More than anything, barring any problems in the market or any undue catastrophe, homes really increases in value year after year which makes it a runaway money maker for any homeowner.

How does one effectively manage the balance between putting something special on the market and ensuring good profits in the end from the sale? Here are some tips to follow:

1.     Create a story

Most houses are very practical when sold. How many square meters? How long has it been in the market? What is the last asking price? Can we still haggle? These ways of selling, although very important, are seldom the tactic which makes the sale. Instead, embrace the home for sale for what it is—a piece of history. Aside from focusing on the practical side of the home, take note also of the story behind every piece of furniture and even the wonderful memories that have transpired in the home.

Ask yourself: would you rather buy a home beloved by a family of five for the last fifteen years, filled with laughter and great memories or a house with 500 square meters and running water and steady electricity?

2.     Go social

People are really more social media savvy now. If they need something, they search for it…online! And that’s where places such as Facebook and Instagram really play a big part in the whole selling process of the home.

Although flyers are great, they are ignored more often than not. For those who are selling pre-loved homes, why not take pictures of the bedroom for example complete with the cozy bed? Have a take on the garden set up with some coffee and food. The thing is people buy when they think it’s real and beautiful.

For those who are selling brand new houses that are not fully furnished, creating spaces with the help of 3D rendering makes the process more efficient and affordable. No need for professional photographers in both cases! Let your natural creativity and love for the property shine through. Just make sure that there is ample natural light for the 3D rendering output and that it’s not too perfect –because real life never is.

3.     Host a cook off for potential buyers

Instead of a boring open house or viewing where the agent blabs about the property with things people don’t really care about, why not kick it up a notch with a great cook off? Bust out the barbeque and lemonade stands and invite potential buyers. There they can be relaxed, feel right at home, enjoy themselves and hopefully, buy the house after.

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