Home Design Ideas for Young Professionals

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Home Design Ideas for Young Professionals

Young professionals are amazing to design for and something that designers should target as clients as part of their portfolio. They are energetic and excited about their new homes, having just been able to invest in something they can call their own. Furthermore, they are very much open to ideas and are more receptive to creative ways to spruce up a space. And best of all, they have a long way to go, and a designer or contractor starting a relationship with them early in their careers secures their business as they become more successful in their jobs and have changes in their lifestyles later on.

With these in mind, here are some ideas to pitch to young professionals on the next presentation with the help of 3D architectural rendering for better visual impact:

1. Provision for a game room, no matter the space.

Yuppies love to unwind and one way to do so is through game consoles, big flat screen TVs in a theatre room, some gaming machines, and in most cases, a billiards table. Making a design that can easily house these without compromising on space even if they have a one bedroom or their parents’ basement can make them realize that yes, you are a designer who understands what they’re about.

2. A garden right inside their condo unit.

More and more young people are into the healthy movement and would want to have their food fresh at home. Sadly, most young professionals are holed up in apartment buildings and may not be blessed with abundant soil. With your knowhow, show in the design how they can incorporate a vertical garden where they can plant basil, rosemary, thyme, and other garnishes and ingredients for their pasta dishes as well as aqua phonics for their vegetables to be used in smoothies and salads for their on the go lifestyle.

3. Areas to manage clutter and dirt.

Speaking of on the go, most yuppies do not have the time or the energy to clean their places as often as most other homeowners do. Present designs that can help them mitigate this either by providing areas where they can easily store items in just a few steps, places where they stash away clutter for organization later on, or multi- and or cross-functional furniture, which can help them be more productive in the house with less pieces.

3D Interior Rendering of a Master Bedroom

3D Interior Rendering of a Master Bedroom

4. Setting up for a roommate.

A young professional with her own loft may be considered rich than most of her or his peers, but it does not mean that he or she can maintain the place on her own. What can really set up your design apart from the rest is showing how it can accommodate two to three more people living in the place. Showing a design which guarantees, first of all, privacy between them inside the house can really sell your services to the hilt. Young professionals may need the extra cash but they also want to claim their spot – needs that you as a designer should provide for a lifetime of business from these young enterprising clients.

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