How to Help Clients Choose Colors for Their Home

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If there’s one design element that clients get excited about, it’s usually the colors. Colors affect how you feel and as designers, it is our job to guide our clients and help them choose the best color based on their preference, their lifestyle, and the kind of atmosphere that they want to create in the room.

Thankfully, nature has shown us combinations of colors that make the world beautiful. Interior designers study these matching schemes of nature and apply their learning to make homes more comfortable and functional. You can use 3D renderings to show your clients possible color combinations for any space.

Color harmonies

Many people know what a color wheel is, but they do not know what it is for and how to use it. Many designers use colors wheels to mix and match colors based on what effect they are trying to achieve. Different color combinations can be made based on the relationship of the colors within the color wheel. Here are some of them:

  • Analogous color scheme means that the three colors being used are beside each other in the color wheel. This color scheme gives the sense of serenity and harmony. If you want your home to be relaxing, use this color scheme. One color should dominate and the other 2 should be used as accent.
  • Triadic color scheme gives a vibrant feeling inside the house. The colors in a triadic color scheme are evenly spaced out each other in the wheel. Use one color as the main color and the other two as complementary colors.
  • Complementary color scheme uses 2 colors which are exactly opposite each other. This combination creates vibrancy and excitement because of the contrast between two colors.

Ask what they plan to do and want feel in a particular space

Know what kind of atmosphere the client wants to achieve with the space. You can ask them for a few design pegs or samples. If the client wants the home to be a place where they can relax and escape the chaotic outside world, use light subdued colors. Strong colors stimulate the senses and excite the brain. Subdued colors on the other hand promote tranquility. Subdued green hues are best if your aim is to create a relaxing atmosphere. Light and sky blues also achieve the same effect. Use the color wheel and the color harmonies to find the best color palette. Sites like Adobe Kuler can also help you come up with appealing color combinations.

Don’t use too many colors—choose a theme.

Using too many colors can be disastrous. Choose a theme and use three colors at most for any space. One of the common mistakes many new designers make is using too many colors home interiors, which can make the place look incongruous. Among the three colors you choose, always make one the dominant color while the others are used for support.

Use 3D rendering to present color options

Before asking clients to decide on the colors, show them how the color combinations would actually look like through 3D renders or 3D architectural animation. This is better than simply showing them swatches from your local paint company or telling them how light or how dark your chosen shade is.

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