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How to Harness the Power of Packaging for the Success of Your Product

When it comes to marketing a product, how it performs is everything. However, marketing is also highly visual – before people can covet something, they have to like how it looks first. Architects or interior designers for example, use 3D rendering services to get their prospects to say yes to their ideas by showing them what the design would look like in reality. It is simply a fact of life that cannot be denied. That is why marketers including brand managers, product handlers, and even practitioners in service oriented industries need to understand this naturally occurring human nature and make it work for their brands for lasting success in the market.

One of the surefire ways to nail this down is via the product’s packaging. It is the first point of contact of any customer or client with your brand and it pays to really take the time to invest in it. Here are some ways to nail it:

1. Packaging is an experience

Most people think that packaging is all about the look of a bottle but in reality, packaging is really about the experience. For example, if your product is a sports drink, it is not just about having a bottle and putting in the liquid inside, placing a sticker, and calling it a day. You have to adjust the grooves of the bottle to fit in the person’s hand as well as the cap to make sure it’s sturdy enough to withstand movement but easy enough to open after a grueling workout. If you have a spa product that deals with oils and other emollient liquids, the pump makes a big difference in making sure a therapist will not spill the whole bottle.

To make it effective, there has to be a lot of thinking and strategizing that should go in creating packaging.

2. Always do a prototype

Products of before may have been forgiven for not testing prior to launch due to the price of creating several prototypes before going to market, but today, there is just no excuse. The science of 3D rendering has grown by leaps and bounds and is in fact affordable now. Case in point, there are even 3D rendering software and hardware tandem that make it even more accessible even for companies even without the sophisticated manufacturing teams to at least do some prototypes and do market research prior to launch.

Testing packaging has many benefits. First of all, it makes you see your name and product name in print form and you can assess if that is really the kind of name you want. Does it have recall? Does it mean other things in other countries? When launching its important to start small but thing big. A brand can go anywhere and everywhere so it’s important to perfect the packaging and make sure it’s okay to be launched anywhere in the world.

3. Let the packaging communicate what the brand stands for

It’s easy to dismiss packaging as a mere vessel for a bag, a cream, or a pair of shoes. But when you think about it, the most valuable brands, those that really stand the test of time are encased in packaging that from a mile away, people easily recognize. That is why, when designing the packaging, always think iconic, classic, and timeless – much like what your brand should be.

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