From Patio to FUN-tio: 7 Ways to Make Your Patio More Exciting

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A patio can be as exciting as a Caribbean fiesta or as barren as the Sahara dessert. If you want to upgrade your patio, here are some simple ideas:

  1. Garden walls

Plants can make everything look beautiful, yes, even your walls. Garden walls are popular fixtures in many homes specially on hallways and patios.  Hanging gardens make drab walls look more  exciting, but also relaxing at the same time.

  1. Add some sounds

If you live in the country, then you may already have all the nice sounds you need while relaxing in your patio—birds singing, frogs croaking,  cricket sounds and more. But if you live near the city, then all you may hear are noises from people and traffic.  Luckily, you can bring some nice relaxing sounds to your patio.

Many people add small fountains in their patio both aesthetics and for the relaxing sound of the water.  Other people also place chimes or sound systems to play nature sounds.

  1. Add drapery for privacy

Draperies help protect you from the heat of the sun as well as provide privacy.  But that’s not all that draperies do. The fact is, when draperies sway at the touch of the wind, it adds some soothing motion for your eyes to feast on.

  1. String up lights

If you want your patio to have the party-place look, then you should consider adding string lights. You can choose colorful ones or stick to the tried and tested, classy look of white string lights. There are many bulb shapes you can choose from depending on your taste. If you worry about energy cost, buy the solar powered ones since they use sun’s energy to light up at night.

  1. Tropical furniture

One of the best ways to give your patio an exotic, tropical look is by adding tropical furniture—rattan, bamboo, wood and other materials that’s often found in tropical countries.

  1. Pergola

The vertical posts and and shaded walkway add a certain charm to the patio. Hang some plants or lights to create a warm mood.


3D exterior rendering of a home with pergola over a patio.

  1. Choose vivid colors with patterns

Add carpeting, draperies, decoration, pillows with vivid patterned colors to break the monotony of neutral colors brought about by the usual materials used in patios—concrete floors, wood decking, drab concrete fences.

Having your patio redesigned? Ask your designer to provide 3D rendering services so you can better envision how your new patio woud look like.

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