Four Tips to Create the Best Office Cafeteria Your Staff Would Love

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Office cafeterias are like electricity sockets – they are so common and so easily ignored that nobody feels their absence until they’re gone or they don’t work as they should. Every self-respecting office should always have a great cafeteria. This enables a place for the employees to converge and eat comfortably. This also makes for an office that is less messy and free from pests as people do not resort to eating at their desks.

But how does one create the office cafeteria that would make people impressed enough to bring their own packed lunches and would even love to meet in? Here are some ways:

1. Mind the headcount

What’s the worst thing about cafeterias? Not enough space and chairs. People underestimate the headcount of people in any office which leads to people taking turns to eat. Prevent this by being aware of the number of people in the said office and making sure that the number of seats can accommodate at least 80 percent of the population to prevent a standing room only situation.

2. Vary the furniture

Instead of the usual chairs and square tables, mix it up! People have different eating habits and it would be a waste of space to expect everyone will stay longer than others or that everyone will eat in groups of four to six. Have communal tables that is placed on the sides or in the middle that can sit as much as ten or twelve at a time. Having tall tables and chairs which can host two people is also ideal.

Instead of chairs, why not couches for areas near the coffee and blender machines? This makes the set up more comfortable to see and more modern.

3. Design with the flow in consideration

What makes food halls a big hit is that it creates a very organized pattern for the diners. In just one fell swoop, a diner enters a hall and instinctively understands how it works – they line up or get the food and pay in one area and go to their chair with their trays. Afterwards, there are trash areas where they can place their garbage. This kind of set up is very self-service and is easy to maintain and clean.

This is advisable for cafeterias as they deal with a lot of users and there is always very minimal budget for janitorial services. To achieve, having a 3D rendering of the design (in video format even for easier reference) can be provided to the client or building owners.

4. Quarantine the smell

Speaking of the plan, the best way to win a client is to explain to them how the smell will be contained inside the cafeteria and ensure that the people will not smell of savoury viands soon after leaving the area. Most offices are particular about their interiors and smelling like cooked pot pie is not welcome at all.

With than in mind, enjoy the design process and help lunch breaks be an enjoyable activity as it should be!

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