4 Tips to Make Homeowners Say Yes to a Home Update

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4 Tips to Make Homeowners Say Yes to a Home Update

For those in the design business, the home is the perfect way to boost business. Compared to corporate offices or hotels, the home is a never ending and forever work in progress project. It always evolves and changes depending on the needs of the homeowner. No matter what happens, there is always a need to construct or design the home.

One of the aspects of it that designers can capitalize on is the bed and bath area. As the place where the homeowner rests and recuperates after work or play, there is always the need to make it as tidy and updated as possible. Need some ideas to sell your designs to homeowners? Read on:

1.     Sell from the point of view of the user

It’s easy to present ideas based on what’s hip or what’s beautiful, but it rarely sells. People buy based on what they can get out of what is presented to them so it is more advisable to sell based on their needs. For example, households with a couple and no child can afford more edgy designs (read: no baby proofing required!) such as glass panels in the shower area and a claw foot tub. In the same breath, parents need a bathroom that is safe for little kids.

Professionals also need a walk-in closet that can organize their power clothes and accessories which may include long dresses, leather bags, and numerous heels. On the other hand, athletes need space for their training which may include equipment. Don’t design what you like, work on what the client needs.

2.     Ask the budget immediately

From the onset, do be upfront about two things: 1) how much the project will cost and 2) the time it will take to finish it.

Remember, you are working on their personal space, where they sleep, shower, among other things. They will definitely arrange for other living set up to be able to survive the construction. This will add up to their bills for sure. So be clear about the cost implications of every decision they will make and you will surely have a happy client who will be more than happy to have the rest of his or her house re-done by you.

3.     Show samples

Let’s face it, not all clients are privy to want they want out of their spaces, and that’s okay because that’s what you are there for. Show some of your sample works with other homes that they may like. Explain the benefits of the choices you are providing as well so that they can decide sooner than later. From materials to finishes, show everything. If possible, have at least three samples for every part of the walk-in closet. Use 3D rendering to showcase your design skills and to illustrate your suggestions too.

3D interior rendering

3D Interior Rendering of a Luxurious Condominium Unit

4.     Offer extra service

To further make the client happy, put in some extra services such as helping to organize their stuff. Provide tips on how to maintain and clean their new bathrooms and prevent re-works down the line. Giving more than what’s expected will not only make you a kind designer but also a well referred to one to their friends and family.

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