Four Tips for Creating Great Co-sharing Workspaces

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Four Tips for Creating Great Co-sharing Workspaces

With the rise of freelancers and self-employed professionals, the need for good working spaces is on the rise. However, the rent in buildings are more often than not more cost prohibitive year on year.

Although working in coffee shops is an accepted norm, it still does not bode well for people who deal with high end clients. Still, nothing beats the look and feel of an office.  It makes people seem more professional while presenting and makes the discussion flow much easier.

For serious designers who want to cash in on this trend, here are some ways to create the best co-sharing spaces:

  1. Place the proper ratio of tables to chairs to renters

Although people who co-share do not necessarily use the space everyday, its better to have the right number of tables and chairs should the need arise. This ensures that no one needs to bother other people who also needs the space to work at any given time.

  1. Provide privacy

Even though co-sharing is all about having other people present in the area, providing opportunities for privacy is still very important. Although long tables are good, install dividers, which help in giving a semblance of privacy especially when the person is working on something very confidential.

In fact, go a step further by creating a few conference rooms in the floor. To be sure, create blueprints via 3D rendering for a more holistic view of the space.

Also, be fair when it comes to perks. Give everyone equal opportunity to enjoy natural light if possible or an access to the view of a garden. This way, the co-share office feels more inclusive for all users.

  1. Have a wish list for all users

Better yet, ask them what they need. Is there a need to welcome guest with food in tow? Then create a working kitchen that is easy to clean, with the normal items of a kitchen such as a stink or stove, sink and a fridge, but is a breeze to clean. That diminishes the need for spending on dine outs.

For those with highly creative industries, having a game room where they can unwind is good. Of course, it is then important to have noise control to ensure everyone will be kept productive despite the noise.

  1. Do not over design

The space is still for use of the client, so he or she should be able to personalize it as needed. As the contractor, the space should be done superbly but designed only to minimally so the clients can still inject their personalities. Choice of subdued and none-gender specific paint to present to clients is good, which should be applied as well to the furniture pieces.

To maintain the overall look, provide design manuals. Set parameters and say which can be done or not. This way, the design is classic and clutter-free but is still representative of the users.


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