Four Tips for Creating an Architectural Client Presentation That Wins

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Four Tips for Creating an Architectural Client Presentation That Wins

The best way to clinch new clients is still through presentations. It is the avenue with which an architectural company is able to communicate to a potential client what they are good at, how they do it, and how their expertise can really turn into a memorable structure to any client of any industry.

However, companies should also understand that there are in fact new ways to present and it does not involve blue prints anymore. Today, with many firms cropping up and more competition happening in a blink of an eye, architects should step up their games when it comes to winning clients.

Gone are the days of simple Powerpoint presentations. Here are the tips of the trade to make that client sign the dotted line:

1. Think forever, embody legendary.

What makes the Rockefeller Center, the Louvre, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Sydney Opera House such hits and the go-to design pegs and inspirations of many architects and designers many times over? It is because and each structure was not flash in the pans. They were created to withstand several generations and uses, outliving their creators in the process. Simply put, they were created to be iconic.

This is the primary thing that architects of today must strive for. How will the design be a reflection of the work of the client? How can it be legendary in its own right? With today’s skyrocketing prices to create one structure, clients have no time and no funding in building something forgettable. Communicate how you can make your client’s property stand out.

2. Take a page from ad men.

People in advertising get it right: visuals plus copy is everything. Sure, your design may be great, but is this communicated in a humdrum presentation with highly specialized language that the client can barely keep up?

Knowing your audience, what they are expecting from the architect, and understanding the everyday language they speak are important to having a good presentation. Incorporating back stories and vignettes provide a great backdrop to a design. Having other disciplines such as video, infographics, and 3D rendering all can help push a design forward.

Graphics, especially 3D photo-realistic rendering, helps impress and excite audience. But more than just presenting a nice image to capture your clients’ attention, using 3D renders should be a way to describe your design concept. In an article published in Forbes, Andrew Scivally of says that the best image is not a gratuitous or a pretty picture. Rather, it’s an image that explains a concept.

They help contextualize something that does not exist yet and create a vision in the mind of the listener.

3. Have a fantastically designed office.

More than the portfolio, a client is impressed more by what they see. And what will they see when they do visit your office? Is it designed for the future or is stuck in the past and smells just like it? How can you sell a promise you cannot even fulfill for your own company?

Don’t be an architectural firm that is just great on paper. Instead, live it! Make the office a physical representation of what you can provide to other offices, to other dreams. Make it reflect the values and the mission of the company. Is it about classic design? Is it about pushing the envelope? Create an office that you can showcase and be proud of. Who knows, if it’s that good, the client just might buy it as well.

4. Convey professionalism by preparing yourself for the presentation.

Aside from preparing the design proposal you need to present, you should also work on your clothes and grooming. Wear professional business attire that still reflects professionalism while highlighting your creative side.

When you need to outsource your 3D renders, work with professional 3D rendering designers like Power Rendering to help you impress your clients when you present.


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