Four Sources of Inspiration for Your Interior Design Project

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Four Sources of Inspiration for Your Interior Design Project

When you have just moved to a new home or transitioned into a new phase in your life, you would want to mark these milestones by changing your home’s interior. Something as simple as breaking the monotony at home and uplifting everyone’s mood can also be a reason for starting your own interior design project. But where do you get your ideas?

Knowing What You Want

Before hiring an interior designer or an interior decorator, the very first thing you need to do according to is answer these two questions: What do you want? And how much are you will to spend?

The budget part is easier to determine, but knowing what you want can be difficult when you don’t know where to begin. So before meeting with your potential interior designer or decorator, browse through some of these to get your design inspiration:

1. Hotels.

If you sometimes visit hotels, you know that they are meticulous about how the rooms look. Everything should be comfortable and nice to keep their customers happy. The next time you travel and stay in a hotel, try to take note of the styles of the curtains, the amenities they use, the color combinations for the room and copy them to your heart’s content. You can also improvise based on the house you have or the materials available. What is important is to get ideas for your own home.

2. The internet

If you can’t afford to visit a hotel to see how they design the place, you can do the next best thing—search the internet. Yes, the internet is a fertile ground of good ideas. There are many images of interior design concepts from both real photos and 3D rendering. If you really like the idea of copying hotel style interior designs, you can search that, too. The only downside is that you won’t be able to know what cloth they are using for the curtains or the brand of the chandeliers unless they state on the website. Some popular sites are Houzz, HGTV, House Beautiful, and Freshome.

3. Nature

Immerse yourself in nature. There are many hotels that use nature colors for their interiors. The great thing about nature-derived ideas is that they are always relaxing and warm. What you need to do is go out to the country and take in as much nature scenery as you can. Observe the colors of nature, the shape of things and try to imagine how you can incorporate those in your home.

4. Your inner desires

The most important place to find the design inspiration for your interior re-design project is deep within your own heart. Know what you want and let it go. Do you like solitude? Then have a minimalist style of interior design. If you want your home to look exciting and energizing, choose a modernist look. Everything should depend on how you want your home to look. You should also consider the needs of the people who will be living here.

3D Rendering of a Tropical-inspired Home

3D Rendering of a Tropical-inspired Home

When you have determined what you want to achieve with your interior design project, ask your interior decorator or designer to translate and interpret your ideas in 3D. 3D rendering allows you to see how your ideas would look in reality, without having to purchase any material yet. Together with your designer, explore your options using 3D rendering technology to help you arrive at the best decision for your home.

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